Exercise: The Hidden Facts That Many People Don’t Know


By: Krystle Crossman

Some people love exercising, some despise it, and others do it solely for the fitness benefits but get nothing else out of it. When it comes to exercise, there are some things that you should know (or probably already do but don’t want to believe them).

1. You need to commit yourself to exercise for life. To stay healthy you cannot exercise for a month and then quit. Don’t look at the short-term results when thinking about fitness. Think about long-term goals such as being healthy for life, not just dropping 20 pounds to look better in your favorite summer dress.

2. Set a schedule to work out and make your other plans around that schedule. If you don’t set any type of routine you will often find yourself making excuses such as being too tired when you get home from work, or not having enough time in the day to work out. When you work your exercise time into your existing schedule, it is hard (but not impossible) to make these kinds of excuses.

3. Focus on some of the best exercises for your health instead of sticking to just one type of exercise. Try to incorporate at least 5 best exercises such as squats, sprints, dead lifts, overhead presses, and bench presses into each workout session.

4. Build a foundation first. Start small and build your way up to an intense workout. If you start right away with extremely intense workouts you may end up losing motivation or losing focus because it is too hard.

5. Slow and steady is the way to go. You are not going to drop a ton of weight per week, or become a body builder overnight. Change takes time, so make sure you give yourself ample time to see results instead of becoming quickly frustrated and giving up.

6. Record your workouts. Make sure that you take note of what types of exercises you did, what intervals you were doing, and for how long you were exercising. This is a good way to see where you are at and when you can crank up the intensity.



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