Expert Tells Women What Sleeping With Make-up Does To Them


By: Krystle Crossman

When you get home from a long night out, the last thing that you want to do is to take a shower. Sometimes you are so tired that washing your face is just too much of a chore so you go to bed with your makeup still on. What you may not realize that leaving your makeup on when you go to bed is a very bad thing to do.

Dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D. says that there are many bad side effects to sleeping with all of that makeup on. A survey that was conducted recently showed that a third of women went to bed with their makeup still on two nights per week or more. Doing this can clog your pores and actually stretch them out. If you do this enough times your pores will appear huge and may not ever go back to the size that they used to be.

You may also notice that when you wake up after a night when you didn’t wash, your skin is swollen. Leaving that makeup can cause inflammation of the skin. This causes a breakdown in the collagen that is produced as well which creates wrinkles. You can age much faster if you skip your nightly routine of washing your face, but what woman wants to do that?

If you are someone who tends to skip washing your face before you go to bed, try to remember that it ages the skin when you leave the makeup on! If you go out a lot and know that you will be too tired when you get home to wash up, keep makeup removal pads next to your bed so that you can still have a clean face when you go to sleep.



  1. I beg too differ the actress Diane Carroll reveal years ago that she slept in her make-up because she wanted to look beautiful when she woke up and now she’s in her eary eighties and is still a beautifull black woman with little wrinkles and i’ve never heard where she ever had any plastic surgery so don’t always beleive the hype I am one who has not did the old routine of washing the make-up off pryor to going to bed at night and my skin is still good with few wrinkles and I am in my mid sixties.So these doctors will say anything but unless they have monitor someone from an early age on to see if sleeping in make-up really can cause skin problems or other damage than how do they know just saying

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