Extreme? How Al Sharpton Lost 175 Pounds


downloadBy: Isabella Carson

Reverend Al Sharpton has always been known for his civil rights activism. He has also been known for being a rather portly man. He weighed in at 305 pounds at one point. He has lost quite a bit of weight since then and looks back now realizing how unhealthy his life was. Now he has a specialized diet and exercise regimen that has allowed him to drop quite a bit of weight.

On January 12th, 1991 a man named Michael Riccardi stabbed Sharpton in the chest while at a protest in Bensonhurst, NY. One of the factors that was attributed to saving Sharpton’s life was the fact that he was obese. The knife was not able to penetrate far enough in his chest to cause lethal damage. However today Sharpton says that he knew he was living a very unhealthy lifestyle and needed to change things. The biggest determining factor Sharpton said was that his daughter had punched him in the stomach and asked him why he was so fat. He was tired of having his feelings hurt because of his weight and says that he refuses to be fat again.

He began eating a very strict diet that consists of the same menu every single day. He eats three pieces of wheat toast, a banana, salad, and two bottles of green juice. That is all that he eats during the day but says that he has conditioned his body so that he is never hungry through the day. He also exercises quite a bit.

Once photos of Sharpton began to surface he began to see negative comments. The 60 year old was looking very thin. Some began to say that he was looking very unhealthy. He simply responds to any of the negative comments by saying that he is a lot healthier now than he was when he was so overweight and he will not look back. He does not want to continue down a path to an early grave because of what he weighed. In total so far Sharpton has gone from 305 pounds to a trim 129 pounds.



  1. Joan E. Oliver on

    It is commendable that Rev. Sharpton has lost the
    extra weight. However he has gone to the extreme I think if he weighs so little as 129 lbs. Plus it
    is obvious that he is unwell because he looks as if he aged at least 10 years. I do not know how tall he is but 129 lbs. suggests that he is a midget.
    But, I will always admire Sharpton for being active in our fight for social justice in spite of his appearance. Blessings to him always.

  2. Normally I would not comment or post about a person’s personal life,but I congratulate Rev. Al Sharpton for going from 305lbs at his heaviest to an amazingly lean 129lbs. In this article he talks about why he did it and what he did to lose the weight….and in the process, prolong his life.

  3. Dr. Lorraine Mayes-Buckley on

    Even though I am happy that Rev . Al lost all that weight , I believe it was too much . He is too thin and if he ever becomes I’ll , he would have a more difficult time getting well. Studies have shown and from my own experiences as a nurse, people who have a little weight recover better. He looks I’ll.

  4. If he is happy with the way he looks then who am I to judge. For me I love my curves and yes I have joined a yoga class. I want to be spiritually happy as well as health conscious. Keep up with the good work. You have to do what makes you happy. Ridicule and putting someone down because of their weight is mean spirited and bullying. What happened to up lifting someone spirits. Its away of expressing your opinion without bruising someone inner being.

  5. sharon anthony on

    I agree with you Lorraine, he looks too thin. 129 lbs is not enough for a man of his stature. But, I’m sure he checks in with his doctor, and maybe there is a reason for his low weight. We don’t know his family’s health background and what he may be predisposed to, so maybe his doctor wants him thinner for a reason. I agree with you also, as a former nurse, people with a little 10-20 lbs on them do better when they have surgery or an illness.

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