$exual Chemistry: Creating Something From Nothing


By: Krystle Crossman

There may be times when you date someone who is what you would describe as your perfect match. There is only one problem. You have no physical chemistry with this wonderful person at all. There is no heat, no spark, no butterflies. Is there a way to create chemistry when there is none? Here are some tips from Women’s Health Magazine that can help you to build chemistry with someone:

1. Get your sweat on – Workout together and get a little sweaty in the process. You can do this by going on a date where you are dancing or you can play sports if you are into that kind of thing. When you are working out your body releases endorphins that put you in a better mood and increase blood flow.

2. Fragrance – Most people have a certain scent that they are really attracted to. Studies have shown that men like the scent of cinnamon and women tend to lean towards the scent of licorice. Everyone’s nose varies though. One study done years ago showed that men were easier to attract when dabbing butter from buttered popcorn behind you ear.

3. Hard-to-get – Even if he is available and waiting for you to scoop him up, pretend that he isn’t. Send him out for a trip with his friends for the weekend. While he is gone think about how you miss him while he is away and how he could be enjoying his time with his friends so much that he may not come back. Excitement will build over the prospect of hooking someone who is not available, even if he really is.

4. Fantasies – Once you are a little farther into your relationship you can begin exploring fantasies with your partner. Many women are attracted to a “bad boy” personality. If you are dating someone who is far from that it is okay to imagine them with some bad behaviors. You can even let your mind wander while you are with them to think about the fantasies that really turn you on. If you are adventurous enough, tell them about the fantasies that you have, talk about the ones he has, and then try and build excitement and chemistry off of those fantasies.

5. Know when to call it quits – Try and try again but only to a certain point. There is only so much time that you can try to create chemistry from scratch. Keep trying but if you find that there is just no chemistry no matter what you do it may be time to become just friends.


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