$exy Myths and the Truth Behind Them


By: Isabella Carson

We hear myths and rumors about s*x all the time. People spread the myths like wildfire and then they become so widely known that people everywhere believe them. Here are some common myths that people believe and the truth behind them:

1. Big hands and big feet equal a big… – There is absolutely no scientific evidence to show that this is a fact. The length of the distance from a guy’s heel to his toes or from his thumb to the tip of his index finger have no bearing on his size. Did you know that the average size is five inches and not seven or eight as many people believe?

2. Doing chores together will get you into bed – This one has actually been studied and results show that this may be true. Couples who share the housework equally tend to have more fulfilling and more frequent s*x lives than couples who leave the responsibility on one partner’s shoulders only. Author Emily Nagoski states that couples who feel like they are more of a team than two separate units are more likely to be physically attracted to one another in the bedroom.

3. Planning a romp in the hay is strange – Actually, people respond better to planned romps than those who wait for a spontaneous moment. Spontaneity is great when the mood strikes and you have the opportunity, but you could be waiting for a long time for that perfect moment to happen. People’s bodies and emotions respond better when they know that something good is coming their way.

4. I need to sleep with my partner a certain number of times per week to be “normal” – Everyone is different. Some people do not have a lot of time every week or they are exhausted from their busy schedules. Some have the free time to have a little fun whenever they feel like. Everyone is different and you shouldn’t be basing your love life on the average number of times others.

5. The G-Spot is just a myth, it doesn’t exist – A myth within a myth? Some people have one while others don’t. There is no certain spot that will turn every woman on instantly. Every woman is different and likes different things.


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