Eye-tracking Technology Confirms Men Do Really Stare At Women’s Bodies and Not Their Faces


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Remember the other day when you caught your man staring at your coworker while you were having a conversation and he swore he was looking at her eyes and not her b00ty? There is a chance he was telling the truth but a new study shows that more likely than not, he was lying.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln performed a study with a new technology that uses eye-tracking. Men and women alike were shown photos of women and the eye-tracking headset that they were wearing would track the movements of their eyeballs and would be able to tell the researchers exactly what it was that they were looking at and how long they were staring at a certain spot while viewing the photos. There were 29 women and 36 men that were a part of the study.

The results of the study showed that both men and women looked at the chests and waists of the women in the photos more than they looked at their faces. There were ten different photos with three different categories: curvaceous, in-between, and much less curvaceous. The participants’ gazes linger much longer on the chest and waist of the women in the photos that had a more curvaceous form.

Social psychologist Sarah Gervais was the lead of the study. She said that for men they are evolutionarily programmed to look at the childbearing potential of women which would explain the lingering looks at the reproductive spots on the women’s bodies. She said that women may just be trying to check out the competition. Another study showed that men rated personality more favorably when the woman was curvaceous as opposed to other body types.

The great part about this study is that the researchers can truly see what men are really looking at. Surveys are subjective and the men could lie. With eye movement tracking there is no lying about it.



  1. Well duhhhhrr to this obvious thing that will never cease to end….whatever you expose is whatever the eyes see and in general to opposite sex….or same as well this is the result of it but it saddens me that we men tend to sneak by doing this instead of being a real man and getting to know that person inside (mentally) than trying to get inside….smdh….#IfWeWereBetterThanThis

  2. Jah Larry Dread on

    Ladies: All this time and money on gadgets. I believe most of you have a brother, a male cousin, nephew, or uncle etc…Just ask them what they are looking at when a women comes into view? We as men rarely claim to speak for all/most men; however, I am sure the majority of black men will agree with me that the face is important. On the other hand, the derrière usually gets our attention, some brothers are breast men and if “LADIES” wore dresses/skirts more often you find that many are leg men!

    ps: I did not mention dad/father because you may feel uncomfortable asking him.

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