Facebook Scientist Says He Can Accurately Predict If Your Love Will Last


Holding_HandsBy Eulla Monte

Many people enter relationships with the best of intentions-they feel a lot of love and passion for their object of affection and they just want to love them and be loved in return. The problem that many people experience in relationships is that sometimes, as time passes, one person does not feel the love as much as the other or they just don’t feel the love at all, anymore.

Everyone knows that entering a relationship with someone, especially a romantic one, carries some risk. They ask themselves questions like “what if he or she hurts me?…or “what if he or she leaves me”…or what if I wan to leave and they don’t want me to? The list goes on but a lot of the questions are asked because of the uncertainty that comes with entering a “love” relationship.

What if you could know if the relationship is likely to last? Well, according to huffingtonpost.com, a Facebook scientist claims that he can predict if your relationship will last.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Facebook let us in on something creepy. With the mountains of data it has on its members, Facebook has a pretty good idea if a romantic relationship between two people on the social network will last.

It turns out that if two people have been “Facebook official” for three or more months, they’re likely in it for the long haul.

In a new study, Facebook data scientist Bogdan State analyzes the relationship statuses of U.S. Facebook users from 2008 to 2011. He found that the most important predictor of whether a relationship will last or not is how long the couple has been together.

State came to the conclusion that “about half of all Facebook relationships that have survived three months are likely to survive to four years or longer,” which makes sense. As time goes on, more unstable, casual romances will end, leaving a higher percentage of strong, stable relationships.

The study focused exclusively on relationships that have lasted at least three months and whose members were at least 23 years old. He also didn’t include anyone who was listed as “married.” Because the study doesn’t take into account relationships that end before the three month mark and, naturally, ones that aren’t “Facebook official,” couples doing shorter flings or who are a bit more private are left out.

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