Fact or Fiction: Why These Seven Weight Loss Tips Should be Avoided at All Costs


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By: Krystle Crossman

Everyone has little tips or tricks that they like to tell others about when it comes to losing weight. Most of the time, these tips are very, very wrong and could actually cause you to gain more weight.

1. No matter what they tell you sipping on diet soda and low calorie drinks all day is not going to help you reduce your calorie count. It could end up making you eat more calories during the day. When you drink sodas and drinks that do not have real sugar but use artificial sweeteners instead you are making your brain think that you are having sugar but then when it finds that there is no sugar in your system, it craves it which causes you to overeat.

2. Eating small meals throughout the day is not going to get you anywhere. Counting calories is going to be one of your biggest tools when it comes to losing weight.

3. Juice cleanses are not a permanent weight loss fix. Any weight that you do lose while on a juice fast will most likely come right back once you start eating real food again.

4. Some people will tell you that if you work out too much you will crave more food and overeat. This has never been scientifically proven so you can remove that one from your excuses book.

5. Stay away from anything sweet while you are dieting? No! If you are used to eating sweets cutting them out completely can be really bad for you. Trying eating a small square of dark chocolate whenever your sweet tooth strikes instead.

6. Do not keep a close eye on the scale. The more you weigh yourself the worse off you will be. Your weight changes from day to day do to water weight and other factors like bloating. You will only become discouraged. Instead take weekly body measurements to see how many inches you have lost.

7. Snacking before you eat a meal is not going to help you to keep your calorie count down. Studies have shown that those who snack before a meal eat the same amount of calories and then have the added calories from the snack to add to their daily count.


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  1. My God, you can’t spell. Hire an editor because you obviously didn’t pay attention in your English classes. For example, it’s not “Your weight changes from day to day DO to water weight…”, it’s “DUE”.

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