Facts About $ex We All Need to Know


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Let’s talk about s*x. Here are 10 interesting facts that you should know before jumping into bed with your partner:

1. Your brain responds much better and is much more active when you see photos of people who are not clothed as opposed to photos of those who are.

2. Your “I have a headache” argument is invalid. S*x can actually help a headache immensely. When you have an [email protected] endorphins are released. These can act as a pain reliever. Almost 20% of women said that their headache pain went away immediately when they reached climax.

3. Go to the gym before you plan on having s*x. Twenty minutes of cardio can help arousal in women. Just make sure you take a shower after you work out!

4. Men that like to have fast trysts in risky places such as a car or a bathroom at the club are more likely to break their pen!s while in the act. Ouch!

5. Size is an issue for women too. Studies have been conducted and have showed that on the 14th day of a woman’s cycle she has more blood flow to the cl!toris which makes it 15-20% larger and more sensitive.

6. Studies involving eye-tracking have shown that when men are watching adult films they spend quite a bit of time looking at women’s faces.

7. Don’t forget about the chest. Studies have shown that women get even more arousal when they play with their n!pples during s*x.

8. People who like to engage in k!nky s*x acts such as bondage have been shown to have a better sense of self than those who aren’t quite as adventurous.

9. Did you know that 12 weeks of yoga classes can increase arousal and overall satisfaction with rolls in the hay as well as heightened [email protected]?

10. A study conducted by Trojan shows that the average American has s*x three times per week which equals out to be 156 times per year.



  1. WOW!!!!

    $ex is the last thing redbone need to talk about.. but these facts are true.
    Ms. Krystle Crossman girlfriend you have been on your JOB with all these articles.. and I have been enjoying myself posting on them as you can see LMAO!!! Its all about the truth and having a sense of humor about all life issues. People get stuck in BS for a life time because they refuse to address their issues, then there’s the dang generation gaps lawd have mercy!!!! LMAO!
    God bless you my sistah

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