Fantasia Says She Fell For Her New Man Because He Has Criminal Past


By: Krystle Crossman

American Idol season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino has been out and about showing off her new man. When she was first seen with him the media of course had to get involved. Some things were dug up about Kendall Taylor’s past and none of it was good. Radar Online did some digging and found a lot of dirt. Unfortunately for them Taylor’s story was already posted out for the world to see on MOVE’s website. MOVE is a mentoring program for boys and young men in Charlotte, NC.

At just fifteen years old Taylor started down a dark path. He experimented with drugs, bad behavior, and even became a father. He was not prepared for life as a father. He was barely prepared for life as a student at school. He ended up being arrested and put in jail. He was hundreds of miles from his home. Some of his past charges included bring a weapon onto school grounds, possession of a firearm as a felon, and two separate counts of assaulting a female.

While he was in jail Taylor said that he found God and began to mold his life around his faith. He was determined to make a better life for himself once he was free and he did exactly that. He has a stable full time job, he completed his education that he missed out on as a teen, and he has also been teaching not only his son but other young men about principles and ethics so that they don’t go down the same path that he went down.

After his story was discovered people began claiming that Barrino probably had no idea about his past and that if she knew the true person that he had been she may not be with him if she did know. Barrino responded with a message that stated that she knew all about his past and how he has turned his life around. She said his past is why she got together with him because it goes to show that someone can come from a bad past like she did and completely turn themselves around for the better. Fantasia also had a child at a very young age, 16, and had dropped out of high school.



  1. Everyone has a past it’s not where you start it’s where you finish. Fifteen years old does not define your life journey. We all have inter-sections in life we just can’t stay there we have too keep traveling. We all have a chance to make changes. I wish her well!

  2. I really don’t care.Who an entertainer is sexing is sorta low in the greater scheme of things for Black people to worry about.

  3. She needs to take time for herself and come to the realization that a woman does not need a man in every aspect of her life to be made whole

  4. William Leonard on

    Wow I am glad the young man got his life together. This goes to show their are some young men and women who are able to turn their life around.

  5. Fantasia needs to chill! All these baby dadies is never a good look. Focus on the kids u have! Let the love of GOD be the reason, and not penis!!!

  6. Thank God that Fantasia has her voice to work for her and money to pay for all of her kids! Hopefully, she’ll get a prenuptial agreement if she decides to marry her new beau. Otherwise, she’ll be dusting off some blues for the money she’ll lose when they separate.

  7. Hope she knows what she is truly getting herself into, after all, this is the same young lady that got involved with a married man. Yes, people can turn their lives around but I suspect I would wait about five years before saying I do, just to see if he had truly changed his spots or is he “spot on” with her stupidity!

  8. Nikki from The Bronx on

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    Congrats to Fantasia; hopefully this relationship will work for her instead of sleeping/hanging out with that loser of her baby’s daddy (sometimes hard lessons are learned with terrible consequences even though her baring a child is not necessarily viewed at a terrible consequence, but a hard lesson nonetheless). Leave married men alone is my mantra and hopefully hers as well! Think she got that message by now; or, at least I hope so. Nevertheless, I’m pulling for you, Fantasia that this young man that you’re seeing is the one that will make you and your family happy. Just wish the very best for you because I think you’re truly a gifted and talented artist.

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