Farting [email protected]? A Doctor Explains


black-woman-embarrassedBecause a lot of women are embarrassed about it, passing gas through the [email protected] is not often talked about. Another reason why it is often very embarrassing is the timing of it; many women experience this type of “farting” (sometimes called a queef), when they are being “intimate”.

For some women, it happens when they cough or sneeze and again, it can be very embarrassing, especially if it is loud and they are in public. Below, an OB/GYN and a pain medicine physic, Jennifer Gunter MD, explains what is happening when women have this experience.

Physical manipulation causes air to move in and out of the [email protected] (for example with intercourse or with insertion of a speculum), vaginal wind is expected after these activities. However, some women describe the passage of loud air from their [email protected] at other times, and it is this random passage of air that is typically reported as distressing.

The first step it to understand that air normally gets into the [email protected] Using data from CT scans we know that 11% of women with no symptoms have some air in the [email protected] During movement or coughing the air in the [email protected] is forced downwards. If the muscles at the [email protected] opening part slightly to allow some air to escape, a noise may result.

There are only two causes  or sources of the air/gas that produces [email protected] flatulence:

Contrary to popular belief among gynecologists, a [email protected] infection does not cause vaginal wind. While there is gas forming bacteria, these are not typically vaginal pathogens and the gas they produce is in the actual tissues of the body, so it wouldn’t escape via the [email protected]

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  1. I’ve had a “fistula” for years and have learned how to care it so that infection doesn’t set in. I had 2 surgeries that were unsuccessful. The 1st MD was a quack. He had no sympathy, what so ever. The 2nd, MD, by far had compassion, but the emotional, painful roller coaster you go through, while healing was very unbearable to & for me. Now, I do my best not to entertain the thought of surgery, even though, I know I need it.

  2. Men love this…They see it as an extra talent for a women to have. If you are really good at this you can blow out candles. The mindset is you can control your muscles which is mentally stimulating for a man. They dont have to know the truth…

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