Fat-Melting “Hot Pants” Claim To Significantly Increase Weight-loss


hot-pantsWe’ve all heard that if something sounds too good t be true, then it probably is. When it comes to weight-loss, it seems that there are always some new pills, diets or other gimmicks that claim to have the answer to quick and easy weight-loss.

Most health and wellness experts will agree that any trending weight-loss system or procedure always has to be accompanied by healthy eating habits as well as an exercise routine that is consistent.

While it is understandable that most of us are skeptical about any new product or procedure that makes promises about weight-loss, some are worth trying.

How’s this for a hot fitness trend: Fat melting tights that help you burn off 11% more calories while you exercise and 13% more calories even after you stop. Sound too good to be true? Maybe.

Dessi Bell, a 28-year-old investment banker told ABC News she invented the tights, called Zaggora HotPants, to drop a few pounds for her wedding.

They’re so effective at melting off fat, she says, because they make you sweat and sweat burns excess calories. As proof, she cited a study performed by the Chelsea School at Brighton University in England, but the study has yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, the company says.

And Aaron Cypess, MD, PhD, an obesity researcher at Harvard’s Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, was skeptical. According to Dr. Cypess, science has shown for decades that turning down the thermostat–not up–is the better way to burn extra calories.

“It’s not clear to me from a physiological perspective why heating someone up would cause them to burn more calories because the body does not burn many more calories when you get hotter,” says Dr. Cypess. “When you’re colder your body needs to generate more heat to keep you warm. That takes energy in the form of calories.”

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