FDA Says Procedure To Treat Fibroids Can Spread Cancer In Woman’s Body


By: Krystle Crossman

The FDA has come out with a warning against a fibroid procedure that women are having as it may lead to cancer. Fibroids are small growths that happen on the walls of the uterus. They are non-cancerous to start with. Black woman have been shown to have up to three times more of a risk for developing the fibroids due to the following reasons:

– Lifestyle
– Hormone levels
– Age
– Family history
– Body weight
– Childbirth

The procedure that the FDA is warning people of is called laparoscopic power morcellation. This is when they use a small power tool and destroy the fibroid tissues. It is a minimally invasive procedure which makes it more appealing. The problem is that studies are now saying that this procedure is actually spreading cancerous cells through the body. Most of the time it is unknown that the woman has a type of cancer in the uterus called uterine sarcoma. When the tissues are torn apart during the procedure this unknown cancer can be spread to other organs in the body through the blood stream.

There are around 60,000 morcellation procedures performed in the U.S. per year. Out of these cases it is estimated that one is every 350 women have uterine sarcoma but don’t know it. The FDA has taken this information and sent a warning to providers to make sure that this course of treatment is really the best or only option for the patient. They have not yet banned the procedure as more research needs to be conducted.

If you visit your OB/GYN and find that you need to have thyroids removed ask if they will be using the laparoscopic power morcellation procedure and if they are ask why they feel this is the best course of treatment.



  1. Miss Informed on

    Where’s the link to the announcement made by the FDA about this? Any link to medical journals? Just wondering where you’re getting this info, as you haven’t included any citations…

  2. Leiomyomas..fibroid tumors are benign( non-threatening) growths originating in the muscle of the uterus. They can grow to be very large in size! African American women have the biggest issue with this condition, although all races can have this same issue.
    The main reason black women have a more challenging time with fibroids is due to diet/exercise..lifestyle. That big 52 ounce soda along with the bag of chips is feeding fibroids! Sugar..soda..fatty foods..smoking..alcohol! Green leafy veggies..lean meats..pure water and exercise, and some herbs will help to shrink fibroids!

  3. Bucktooth, please don’t paint everybody with a broad bush. I’m black and I did not live the junk food/ no exercise lifestyle. In fact I ran a few miles a day 5 days a week, had practise days once or twice a week and competition days on weekends. I’ve maintained a clean diet and IF I drank it was no more than twice a year with no more than two or three drinks which was rare. I retired from international competition four years ago and even though I no longer play sports I still run and weight train 4 to 5 days per week and watch what I eat. I drink even less now or not at all. I’m not boasting because this doesn’t mean that I’m better than anyone. All I’m saying is that there are many other possible causes for fibroids because the so called list is just a medical guess. It’s not an empirical statement. I also suffered from having fibroids and the doctors said that I was in excellent health. By the way, all the women in my family suffered from the same thing too.

  4. blkfootblaque on

    Is this the same procedure they call a cone biopsy, where they laser burn the fibroids from the end of the uterus that’s shaped from one side to the other like a Vicks cough drop. I had a cone biopsy and I was awake when they burned the fibroids off. I look between my legs, (watching a stream of smoke go up in the air) and a thought came to my mind, which was how can they stop this from spreading because I was always told it was the cold air that makes the cancer run through you. I thank GOD for delivering me through this painless surgery.

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