FDA To Eliminate Trans Fats from American Diets, Calling Them “Unsafe”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Trans fats are some of the most unhealthy things that you can put into your body. Now thanks to a new initiative by the Food and Drug Administration, trans fats may be a thing of the past. For 30 years the public has been pleading with the government to take some kind of action and rid artificial trans fats from our food supply. Finally it appears that the government is listening and may soon be taking action.

The FDA states that if artificial trans fats were eliminated from foods it could prevent over 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 heart disease related deaths every year. While trans fats have been removed from many different foods already, thanks to initiatives by activists and the government, many fats still remain in foods like frozen pizzas, microwave popcorn, and cake frosting.

The basis of this plan is to make companies that manufacture foods show that the oils that they are cooking with are healthy oils, not partially hydrogenated oils which are the source of the trans fats in foods. While this may not seem like a huge task for the companies, it in fact could stop their production dead in its tracks until they switch oils. There is a ton of scientific evidence that partially hydrogenated oils are in no way safe. The Institute of Medicine would also throw a wrench in their plans to use these oils as they have submitted evidence that there is no safe quantity that can be put into the body.

These regulations are in a trial stage at the moment and are open to discussion among the public. The FDA has seen pushing for compliance from most of the food distributors as many had already made these types of changes previously.


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