Feeling Under the Weather? Why Your Attitude May Be To Blame


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Being positive all the time may be hard work but being negative all the time can be harmful to your health. Did you know however that chasing that elusive always-positive outlook can be harmful to your health as well? There is a lot of pressure to put a happy spin on everything and that pressure can really get to you if you let it.

Some people walk around with a cloud of negativity around them. They have no reason why they are this way; they just think that everything is awful. Those are the people that need to try and find some positivity. But what if you are already pretty positive but have something that happens in your life that is painful to deal with and you are negative for once in your life? Do you want to hear people telling you all day to look at the bright side of things? No, you do not.

One of the worst things that you can say to someone is to look at the positives when something negative happens to them. They are already having a hard enough day without the stress of trying to find a shining ray of light in an otherwise very dark situation. Say their child or spouse has just died. Can you honestly tell them to find a positive in something like that?

The stress from chasing down happiness can do more harm to you than not being completely happy and positive all the time. You can end up becoming sick because of that stress which could lead to a weakened immune system. If you are meant to be happy, you will be. Don’t spend your whole life trying to make everything sunshine and rainbows. It is natural to have highs and lows.


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