Find Out Who You Really Are


Woman Looking in MirrorWomen have a tendency to get so caught up in their lives that they lose touch with who they are. Being a wife, a mother, a caretaker to an elderly parent and others can seem like it defines who a woman is but it doesn’t.  Even while knowing that they are unhappy or unfulfilled, many women don’t know how to get off the treadmill or the merry-go-round that they call their lives.

Even though it may be a challenge, it is still important to stop and ask yourself some very important questions.

Forget your career. Forget your role as a mother or a wife. Forget how much money you make or how successful you are. If you’re struggling with the question “Who am I meant to be?”, this quiz can help you figure out what really defines you. Based on personality science, I have identified seven “striving styles,” modes of thought and behavior that direct us to seek satisfaction in different ways. Although everybody is wired with all seven styles, most people have one that dominates. When you engage this innate style, you’ve got the best shot at fulfilling your potential; when you don’t, you can feel stuck.

After responding to the statements below, you will discover your striving style, learn what to do if it’s backfiring from neglect, and find ideas to guide your life in the direction that it was meant to go.

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