First It Was Rachel Dolezal; Now Another White Woman Has Undergone A “Black Transition”


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Martina Adam/Facebook

In June of 2015, former NAACP activist Rachel Dolezal was exposed by her parents as white woman after she tried for years to pass as a fair-skinned black woman.

Using perms to make her hair look more kinky and sometimes styling her hair in African-style braids, Dolezal’s culture appropriation gained her the acceptance of people who are deeply rooted in the struggle for social justice and equality for blacks in America.

When her jig was up, however, Dolezal’s life descended as she basically became the laughing stock of the entire nation. The gravy train ride as a public figure was over.

At one point, she told a media outlet that she was penniless without a place to live. The disgraced 39-year-old made headlines again when she changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

Fast forward to June of 2017 and a new story emerges about yet another woman who was born white trying to undergo a full-fledged effort to become a black woman. According to, Martina Adam, a German-born aspiring model has followed in Dolezal’s footsteps by taking her culture appropriation to the next level.

Using a loaded regimen of  chemical tans and hair weaves, Adam (who is known on social media as Martina Big) has embarked on an aggressive campaign to become a black woman. She has also promised to undergo additional procedures to change her features to an even more ethnocentric black look.

“But not only my hair I will change. I also will change to the other beautiful, qualities of the black women. In particular, my face and my buttocks I would like to adjust. For the first steps, I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday,” Adam wrote in a Facebook post last month.

“I’ll start with the full lips. But independently, to my transformation to a black woman, I will also let my breasts continue to inflate,” she continued.

Adams has almost 33,000 followers on her Facebook page. However, she got a lot of backlash in the comment section after she posted her latest photo on the social media outlet.

“I’d never trade my blackness for all of the money or attention in the world. In my soul I’m a black woman, and on the outside I’m definitely a proud black woman. You can’t buy my looks, my hair, my skin, my spirit. We’re not for sale!” wrote Wanda Manier, a singer and Facebook user from Kansas City, Kansas.

You can see more of the outrageous and controversial antics of “Martha Big” on her Facebook page.









  1. Gale Griffin on

    My first response is that this is all circus. It’s hilarious at best, pathetic at worst. Being part of a people cannot be defined by plastic surgery. A nation, race, family, or ethnic group knows their own kind not just by features, and skin color, but by mutual experiences, shared culture, and spiritual recognition. Part of my life’s journey has been to discover that my own kind recognize me by the spirit. Maybe, I am talking about eons of accumulated genetic memories and body chemistry. Maybe it goes deeper. But, a plastic surgeon’s knife cannot capture the essence of the differences.

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