First Lady Challenges Food Industry To Advertise Healthy Foods More Amid Criticism About Her Campaign


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

First Lady Michelle Obama has been working hard to get her Let’s Move campaign into schools and into the public eye. Now she is going after ads on television that target children with unhealthy foods. She is urging those who are executives in the television industry to put more ads for healthy foods on TV, especially during children’s programming.

Mrs. Obama got a group together made up of lobbyists, nutrition experts, government officials, and business representatives and had a meeting about making ads on television that focus on eating healthier. It was a private meeting that was set up by the first lady and also by the president’s policy advisors. Mrs. Obama is now the facilitator on the advertisement debate.

In 2011 media and food companies came together to kill a federal proposal that would limit the amount of ads they could put up for sugary foods aimed towards kids, yet Mrs. Obama stayed silent and did not intervene. She had stayed silent on this topic for quite a while and instead focused on other points of her Let’s Move campaign such as getting kids to exercise and move more and also on getting healthier foods into impoverished neighborhoods.

There have been no indications from the first lady as to what they are going to be doing to go forward with this debate, and she hasn’t offered any solutions at this point. She has however praised companies such as Bird’s Eye that are making their advertisements all about healthy foods. She praised 17 other major food companies who have agreed to self-regulate their advertisements.

Television ads are not the only problem either. Online advertisements such as those on video game sites reach more children than the television ads do. Nutrition advocates say something aggressive needs to be done.


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