Fish Oil Can Help to Reduce the Effects of Mental Stress


fish oilBy Staff Blogger

Fish oil has been shown to reduce the effects of mental stress ,in a recent study conducted by Michigan Technical University, New York Medical College, and the Mayo Clinic. Researchers found that when taking fish oil pills every day the effects of mental stress such as heart rate and muscle sympathetic nerve activity were protected from stress. The fish oil has Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to have many different benefits to your health overall.

The study followed 67 people that did not have high blood pressure. They either took 9 grams of a fish oil supplement or were given a placebo of olive oil. They took this supplement for eight weeks. Before and after the study they had their blood pressure and heart rate tested among other things. At the end of the study they were also given a math test. The researchers watched the stress level of the participants. They found that those who had taken the fish oil had little reaction in the muscle sympathetic nerve activity and heart rate. There was no effect on blood pressure.

This study was one of many that has been conducted on fish oil. Previous studies have shown that not only do the Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower high blood pressure and dull the response to mental stress, but offers other health benefits such as boosting the white blood cells which creates a better immune system response. Other studies have shown that fish oil does not decrease the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Fish oil should be an important part of your day, not only for the reduced stress effects, but for the overall health benefits.


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