Fish: Some Are Contaminated, Some Are Packed With Goodness; Here are The Ones to Eat


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you are trying to eat healthy you are most likely eating seafood if you like it. Fish is a great way to get protein and omega-3s, however, if you eat certain types of fish you may be ingesting more mercury than you should be having, especially if you are planning on becoming pregnant soon or are already pregnant.

Mercury can be very dangerous for your growing baby and can stay in your system for up to a year. Here are five fish that you should avoid eating and five alternatives that are low in mercury but still have the good stuff.

The fish you shouldn’t eat:

1. King Mackerel – These fish are ridiculously high in mercury so to avoid mercury poisoning it is best to stay as far away as possible.

2. Shark – While shark meat itself is not overly high in mercury, think about what it eats. Other fish. Those fish that it is eating and absorbing into its bloodstream have mercury, some higher than others, which means that the shark mercury levels can be high.

3. Albacore Tuna or Tuna Steaks – Tuna is a tricky one because there are many benefits to it. Albacore and tuna steaks have a medium mercury rating so the EPA recommends limiting your tuna to no more than six ounces per week.

4. Swordfish – Swordfish is another fish that eats smaller fish that are loaded with mercury.

5. Tilefish – There are many different types of tilefish but the EPA doesn’t differentiate between the types and says that women and children should avoid it no matter the type.

Fish you should eat:

1. Farmed Rainbow Trout – The farmed trout is the best as lake trout have a higher chance of being contaminated. They are loaded with protein and omega-3s.

2. Canned Light Tuna – This type of tuna is low in mercury and packed with the good stuff.

3. Sardines – These are naturally high in vitamin D and omega-3s.

4. Anchovies – Great for a salad, anchovies are loaded with omegas and iron.

5. Wild Pacific Salmon – Perhaps one of the best fish that you can eat, the wild Pacific salmon is loaded with vitamin D, omega fatty acids, selenium and vitamin B12.



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