Fitness Center’s Ad Has the Internet in an Uproar


By: Krystle Crossman

Advertisements are meant to catch your eye. They should stand out, create conversation, and get the consumer to notice the brand that they are portraying. An upscale fitness center called Equinox is certainly gaining a lot of attention for their latest ads, but not all of it is positive. One of the images that they use has the internet in an uproar but they are still standing by their marketing materials.

Equinox is about commitment. They strive for commitment from the people who use their fitness centers. That is the focal point of their advertisements. They have one ad that features a male cheerleader who is pictured with a room full of trophies. They have another where a woman portraying a feminist is fighting for her cause. Then there is one ad that many are finding distasteful and are questioning what the ad even has to do with the fitness center. In essence it really doesn’t have anything to do with working out but it is the message that Equinox is trying to send along with it. Pictured in this ad is a model who is sitting perfectly upright with an open top. Attached to each [email protected] is a baby who is nursing. The model is sitting at a table in a seemingly fancy restaurant. The tagline for the ad states, “Table for one. Dinner for three. #CommitToSomething”.

Many who have taken to social media are stating that the ad is a disgrace and that it has nothing to do with the fitness center at all. They state that a woman should have to wait until she can find another place to sit that isn’t at a dinner table with other patrons around her. Equinox responded to this with, “Tell that to the infant”. One woman even commented that she was canceling her membership with Equinox over the ad. The company has come back with a number of replies that are professional but still manage to silence some of the naysayers. When asked what it has to do with the fitness center they responded with, “When you come to work out with us, you’re committed to every exercise. When you have a child, you’re committed to their every need. Commitment doesn’t stop at the club’s doors.”

[email protected] in public has been the center of controversy recently. Many state that it should be done in private because it is offensive to others. Some claim that they don’t want their children exposed to it. Then there are many people who do not care and see it as a baby eating its meal. Would you be offended by an ad from a fitness center if it depicted a woman publicly [email protected]?


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