Five Fad Diets That Can Be Very Dangerous or Even Deadly


By: Krystle Crossman

Almost everyone tries a fad diet at least one time or another in their lives. Some of them work for a short amount of time and then all of the weight lost is gained right back. Some of them don’t work at all. There are some fad diets however that are just plain dangerous and no one should ever try.

1. The Master Cleanse – This is a popular one and many celebrities have admitted to trying it. This is a diet where you mix lemon juice, cayenne, water, and maple syrup together and that is the only thing that you put into your body for a certain number of days. It does cause you to lose weight however that weight comes right back on once you go back to eating normally again. It can also mess with your metabolism so that you will have a harder time losing weight in the future and may even end up gaining more than you would have before.

2. Sleeping Beauty – This one seems to be one of the most dangerous fad diets out there. It was rumored that Elvis participated in this one back in the 60s. The basis of the “diet” was that you would take so many drugs that you would be unconscious for days. When you wake up you are thinner however you have basically just starved yourself and lost muscle mass.

3. The Grapefruit Diet – Weird Al Yankovic wrote a song about this popular diet that dates back to the 30s. While this one is not really dangerous because grapefruits are a fantastic low-calorie food the diet itself reduces the amount of protein and other nutrients that you will eat in a day. People will eat a grapefruit and drink a bunch of water before eating anything else so that they eat less. It does help you to lose water weight as a grapefruit is a diuretic. The problem is that you are not taking in the good proteins and fats that you need to be taking in.

4. Baby Food Diet – The premise of this diet is that if you eat one jar of baby food for breakfast, one for lunch, and then a small dinner you will lose weight. Well, in theory yes, but all you are doing is using an extreme type of portion control. It is just as easy to control your portion of the normal food that you eat or eat more fruits and veggies.

5. The Tapeworm Diet – This one is downright dangerous and can make you very sick. People will swallow a tapeworm cyst pill which then hatches into a group of tapeworms. They go into the intestines and eat all of the food that is being digested so that you don’t absorb the fats of the foods that you are eating. The problem with this is that they also eat all of the other nutrients that your body needs. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do and can even be deadly.


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