Five Foods to Give You Energy Through the Busy Holidays


???????????????????????????????????????By: Krystle Crossman

The holidays can be exhausting. There is cooking, cleaning, prepping the house, dealing with family, and shopping to deal with. Your energy levels deplete pretty quickly during this time. There are some fall foods that you can eat that will help you to regain some of that energy as well as give you some other great health benefits.

1. Hemp – Believe it or not you can eat hemp raw. It is a protein that is plant-based. There are many different ways that you can prepare it as it comes in seed, plant, and powder form. It will give you energy, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is very easy to digest.

2. Squash – This fall staple food has so many benefits that it is a wonder that people don’t eat more of it. There are lots of different types of squash such as spaghetti, winter, summer, and butternut. All of these can be prepared in a multitude of different delicious dishes. They are loaded with vitamin C which can help you to fight off the inevitable winter cold. They are also full of fiber which helps you to feel full and the carbohydrates are great for your energy levels.

3. Pears – These are a sweet treat but they will not put you on a sugar overload. There is a lot of fiber in the pears which helps to balance out the natural sugars so that you don’t crash later on. They are also a great sweet alternative to other sweets such as candy or bakery goods.

4. Dark greens – Kale and spinach are some of the best foods to lift your energy levels up. They help the oxygen move through your blood which will help you to feel more awake. They are also great for your digestion and have a ton of vitamins and minerals.

5. Maca – This is a food that not many people have heard of but it has great health benefits. It comes from Peru and is a root vegetable. It helps your body to heal in times of stress by producing adrenaline. It also helps to produce cortisol.



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