Five Medical Symptoms That Should Never Be Ignored


back painBy Staff Blogger

With their busy lives and ballooning healthcare costs, people tend to ignore symptoms more and more these days. heart health specialist and television personality, Dr. Oz, states that he had a patient that had intermittent chest pain and nausea for weeks, but she ignored them. She ended up in the hospital having a major heart attack. Here are five symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Spreading chest pain: If you have a pain that is moving towards your shoulder or your jaw, it could be a blocked blood vessel that is not getting blood to your heart like it should. If you feel this pain you should call 911 immediately and take an aspirin. They will do an EKG and other tests once you are at the hospital.

2. Numbing lower back pain: If you have a constantly aching back from just above the buttocks and down to the legs, or if your back feels numb, you could have a slipped or herniated disc. See your doctor immediately. Exercises and stretches help 90% of people, but sometimes surgery is required.

3. Tingling foot pain: If you have a constant burning or pins and needles feeling, you could have nerve damage which could be brought on by diabetes. See a doctor to get a blood test and get your blood sugar levels checked out.

4. Severe headache: Many people suffer from migraines, but if you have a sharp, stabbing pain in one area of your head instead of all over, it could indicate a ruptured vessel. Seek help immediately, go to the ER.

5. Leg redness or warmth: If your leg is red and warm to the touch, accompanied by pain, you could have a blood clot. Get this checked immediately. Blood clots can travel from the legs to the lungs, and the heart. These can be fatal. Do not massage the leg as this could break the clot off faster. Blood thinners may be prescribed.



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