Five Bedroom Tricks Guaranteed to Take Your Man Over the Top With Pleasure


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We all know that f0replay is an important part of a healthy s*x life. It gets the motors running and takes things to a whole other level. Here are five pre-s*x moves that will drive your guy crazy.

1. Let him see you. Completely. Don’t turn out the lights. Let him look at your body and get excited by what he sees. The chemistry of the male brain can change when a s*xually stimulating image is in front of him, so it can heighten his desire and make for a more passionate night. Let him look, but don’t let him touch until you say.

2. Use your breath as a turn on. Part your lips and let them linger somewhere on his body. Don’t touch him, but simply let small breaths out so that he can feel it on his skin. This can be exciting for him and build anticipation of what’s to come. Try giving his earlobe or neck a little l!ck and then gently blow on the spot where you just l!cked. It will be a sensory overload for him.

3. Make things a little rough. Some women like to take the slow and sensual approach, but if you are looking to get a little dirty, bring out some of the rough stuff. Push him down on the bed and straddle him, let him know who is boss. Give him a kiss that lets him know that you want him now, not a slow and gentle kiss. This is an instant turn on for most men.

4. Men respond to a touch, so do some touching. Lightly pinch, caress, and scratch lightly with your nails or massage. All are exciting for him and will get him in the mood quickly.

5. Tease your guy for a while and bring him right to the edge of having an [email protected], but then back off a little. Do this a few times and it will make things far more intense for him, and you.



  1. Ladies, I am living proof that all of those are true. I have experienced most of those my wife and it is such a turn on for us.

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