Flirting or Cheating -Where Do You Draw the Line?


flirtingHow do you know when you have crossed that ever elusive line between harmless flirting into out-right cheating? The funny thing about flirting and cheating is that many people define the two very differently. Some will say that if no one touched anybody, then no one cheated, but there are those who say emotional infidelity is just as bad as “the other”.

Some say that the way to know if you have crossed a line is when what you’re doing in your spouse or significant other’s absence is different than what you would be doing if they were present.

According to State of Dating in America, a new report released jointly by Christian online dating site and Jewish dating site, the definition seems to vary depending on who you ask.

Of the 2,700 U.S. singles surveyed, both genders (95 percent of men and 100 percent of women) agreed that having s*e*x with another person was an act of infidelity — but there wasn’t much else both s*e*xes could agree on. All of the women polled (100 percent) thought that sharing a passionate kiss counted as cheating, but only 86 percent of men felt the same. And though more than 80 percent of women felt that texting or online flirting were unfaithful acts, only 56 percent of men agreed. Men and women also differed when it came to whether or not an emotional relationship constituted as cheating, with 55 percent of men and 77 percent of women deeming emotional connections an infidelity.

Christian and Jewish singles agreed in many of their definitions of cheating. Almost all respondents of both religions — 99 percent of Christians and 98 percent Jews– agreed that a passionate kiss is an act of cheating. Roughly the same percentage of Christians and Jews — 68 percent and 67 percent, respectively — believe having an emotional relationship counts as cheating.

The main differences between the two religious groups? Forty-four percent of Christians said that watching p*0rn was an act of infidelity, while only 24 percent of Jews agreed. Forty-three percent of Christians thought that going to a strip club constituted cheating, and only 20 percent of Jews thought the same.




  1. I think flirting is a total waste of time and energy ,and that persons that engage in this activity already have it in them to cheat on their partners or they,re jus full of crap.

  2. You have to see that times are changing. You can have a close friend of the opposite sex who you have known even before you or he got married. Maybe you hug and kiss when you meet. You do not have sex but maybe that friend is always there for you. You cannot care what people think. The world likes to think ugly. People do not own each other. Relationships have to be built on love, caring, understanding, and respect. If you have those feelings for your mate, you can trust each other. If you don’t maybe you should not be together.

    • Trust should never be blind and it is nurtured through right actions. In other words don’t give the appearance that you and your opposite sex friends are any more than that, lingering hugs, falling all over each other, lots of time alone etc., and expect to be trusted by your partner. True, nobody owns anyone, but for you to be trusted you have to be transparent and demonstrate yourself as deserving of trust. Clear boundaries and not giving out mixed signals goes a long way.

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