Florida Bar Comes Up With Potentially Life-Saving Drink for Women


By: Krystle Crossman

Online dating is pretty commonplace these days. Men and women meet each other on dating applications over the phone or over websites online. They exchange pictures, stories, likes and dislikes. Sometimes they are a match made in heaven and everything works out perfectly once they meet. There are other times however when people meet the person they’ve been talking to and find out that they aren’t exactly who they said they were. If women are not careful when meeting someone that they’ve been talking to online they could get into serious trouble. Many will meet in a public place for the first time just in case anything goes wrong. To help these women who may need to escape from a bad or dangerous date, a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida has come up with a code for women to ensure that they can get out safely if they need to. They call it the angel shot.

The Iberian Rooster has come up with a code for women to safely order a drink which will signify to the thoroughly trained staff members that they need help. All they have to do is order an angel shot and their server will help them. If they order an angel shot with ice the bartender will call a ride such as a cab, Uber, or Lyft car. If they order it neat a bartender will escort you to your vehicle. If the drink is ordered with lime the bartender will know to call the police immediately. There will be no commotion as all of the staff have been trained to handle these orders as discreetly as possible. They want to make sure that their patrons are all safe and that they make it out of a situation where they do not feel safe any longer.

There have been bars that have code words before to help women who feel that they may be in trouble. A bar in England called The Brickyard had a sign on the women’s door in the bathroom that said that they should ask for Rachelle or Jennifer if they needed help. The sign states that they will escort you to your car or they will call a cab for you.

People on social media have been asking how this would work considering it is plastered all over the Internet now so men would know what was going on with these women ordered the shot. The response most often given is that the woman can go up to the bartender by herself and order the shot. It is not something that should be done in front of the man that they are feeling uncomfortable about. In the end it is just one more way to safeguard women who may be stuck in a situation. It is also possibly life-saving.



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