Florida College Allegedly Forces Students to Have [email protected] Exams in Front of Peers


By: Krystle Crossman

Valencia College in Florida is under deep scrutiny after a claim was filed by two medical students. The female students alleged that their instructors forced them to have [email protected] probes in the classroom in front of all of their peers. They stated that the instructors threatened that they would blacklist them from any future employment and that their grades would drop if they did not submit to the exams. Three instructors are now under investigation.

During the sonography class the students were forced to change into draping in a bathroom and then had to walk back into the classroom while their peers watched. There was no anonymity at all. They were told to lie on the table and put their feet in the stirrups while the other students prepared to conduct a very invasive exam on them. A [email protected] sonogram probe had a c0ndom placed over it, lubricant was applied, and then the exam began. If the probe would not go in without force one of the students claimed that the instructors told the other students to s*xually stimulate them to make it a little easier. A second-year student claimed that the faculty believed that ever student who wanted to pass the sonogram class needed to go through one of these exams. Every female student that is.

Barbara Ball, who is one of the instructors under investigation, made comments during one of these forced probing session that were inappropriate and lead prosecutors to believe that she was not interested in the clinical aspect of the instruction. She stated that the girl should be an “escort girl” and called the student “s*xy”. Ball and the other two defendants, Maureen Bugnacki and Linda Shaheen, all declined comments about the incident.

The case will be handled in a federal court as it is a lawsuit against a college which is partially federally funded. The attorney for the two students, Chris Dillingham, states that their Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were violated as they should have been allowed to say no to this procedure without the fear of retribution. The public relations director for the college released a statement that said that the students who participate in this class submit to exams on a volunteer basis and the faculty conducts themselves in a professional and respectful manner. She declined to comment on the lawsuit.


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