Foods That Claim To Be Healthy But Are More Sugary Than Candy


By: Krystle Crossman

Everyone gives themselves a sugary treat now and then whether it be ice cream or candy, but they limit themselves due to the very high sugar content. Unfortunately there are some foods out there that may appear healthy but actually have as much sugar or even more sugar that a full-size candy bar. Here are some foods to watch out for:

1. Starbuck Honey Parfait: Honey and Greek yogurt are two things that are really good for you right? Not in this combination! If you are trying to avoid sugar you may want to avoid this treat as there are 30 grams of sugar in each serving. Try something with more fruit in it or a breakfast sandwich that is full of protein instead.

2. Jamba Juice: Their Banana Berry smoothie is delicious but is packed with a whopping 60 grams of sugar in a small cup. You can ask them to “Make it Light” and that will cut it down to 32 grams, but you are still better off making your own fruit smoothie at home.

3. Powerbar: Citrus Burst is a very enticing flavor. It’s citrus which is fruit so it must be good for you right? If you are okay with 29 grams of sugar per bar then sure, it is good for you. There are other flavors that are much lower in sugar but still high in protein.

4. Grape juice: Tart and tangy, this juice is a staple in households everywhere. But do you know what you are really drinking? Every 8 ounces of grape juice has 36 grams of sugar.

5. Craisins: Cranberries and raisins? Genius! They are two delicious fruits put together to make a tasty snack. There is one exception though. Cranberries are usually pretty tart and companies want to attract kids and adults alike, so they will add extra sugar to make the cranberries a little sweeter. In just a quarter of a cup of Craisins you will find 29 grams of sugar.


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