Foods That Could Be Secretly Sabotaging Your $ex Life


sabotaged coupleBy: Krystle Crossman

The foods that you eat during the day have an effect on your mood and overall demeanor through the day. So it probably comes as no surprise that certain foods that you eat may impede your s*x drive as well. Here are three foods that may be ruining you and your partner’s fun.

1. Bacon cheeseburgers: Your arteries become clogged when you eat the saturated fats and grease that comes in a bacon cheeseburger. Clogged arteries can actually have an effect on the blood flow to the pen!s and [email protected] The arteries in these two places are small and can become filled with plaque quickly. This reduces sensation and arousal. Not only will your arteries be clogged, but you will probably feel full and bloated after you have eaten that greasy monstrosity which doesn’t make you feel very s*xy anyway.

2. Those baked goods that you grab in the morning before you head off to work? Those will kill your s*x drive too. There are a lot of trans fats found in baked goods such as the pre-packaged muffins. Trans fats not only clog your arteries but they also have been known to lower testosterone levels. The lower the amount of testosterone in the body the lower the s*x drive.

3. Soy products have estrogen in them. That soy latte that you drink every morning can raise the level of estrogen in you guy’s system. Estrogen contributes to low s*x drive and also a low sperm count. If you are trying to get pregnant stay away from soy products and soy-based products as the low sperm count in men will significantly reduce your chances of getting pregnant.



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  2. Cheridy Howard on

    Just because there is a picture of an African American couple to this article does not mean the article has anything to do with race. Did you even read the article? Besides dont you feel reallynon sexy after eating a huge greasey bacon cheeseburger?

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