Foods You Should Stop Buying Immediately


GMOWe all know that not all foods that we buy from our supermarkets and grocery stores are made equal. While some foods will feed us while nourishing us, others will also introduce toxins into our bodies. Sadly, food has gotten worse and worse over the years as corporations have found more and more creative ways to increase their profits and increase our desire for food that has no or very little nutritional value.

Not all food  that is in the grocery stores is bad, of course, but below is a list of foods that you need to begin to remove from your diet. It maybe more realistic to start by reducing some of these foods and finding healthier and more natural substitutes. Over time, you can work towards elimination.


There are some 10,000 documented reports of adverse reactions to aspartame. It has been linked to migraines, visual changes, seizures, depression, and brain cancer. Run away from artificial sweeteners!

Canned Food

Cans of food expose people to dangerous levels of bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical that has been linked to everything from childhood aggression to obesity, heart disease, changes in breast tissue, and reproductive health problems. Cook your beans and veggies from scratch if you can!

 GMO Foods

A 2012 study out of France confirmed the dangers of genetically modified food consumption. Rats were fed genetically modified corn chow on a daily basis for two years and the results included an exponential increase in mammary tumors, kidney failture and liver necrosis in the rats who ate GMO food compared to their control counterparts. Choose organic produce to ensure that you are not eating genetically modified foods.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS has been linked to diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and cancer. Because it’s liquid fructose, our bodies have a really hard time processing it. 100 percent of the metabolic burden rests on our livers. And don’t forget, HFCS generally comes from genetically modified corn which has its own host of problems!

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  2. I switched from can goods to fresh vegetables for some time now, and I am glad I did. The vegetables actually taste better. They are fresh and not processed with any chemicals. To good health!!

  3. When you can’t get fresh, then go for frozen. Canned vegetables and soups contain way too much salt/sodium. Try agave nectar or honey instead of sugar or asparatame, or try no sweeters at all. Your taste buds will adjust.

  4. Gina Mahogany on

    I agree that frozen veggies are best. Read your labels & look for Sodium, Sugar, etc. You’ll be scared straight.

  5. Right fresh frozen is the way to go. No more han three pairs ofhads touch the veggies. Fresh veggies in the store are touched by many hands and can have germs placed on them.

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  7. I can see your point Carolyn, I would love to buy organic frozen veggies. Now maybe it will better if grocery stores offered plastic gloves before customers handled produce.

  8. I always rinse my fresh veggies before cooking or juicing. I need sunglasses on when I walk into Giant and orange tomatoes are looking me right in my face. Never seen an orange tomatoe and other fruits that shine with a glossy finish. The doctor took me off of “aspartame” woke up one morning about 8 years ago and my feet wouldn’t move…ok now. Be careful and know what you are eating. It’s sad but that our food has become dangerous.

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