Foreplay Moves You’re Probably Missing Out On


kissing1By Staff Blogger

There is a certain type of foreplay that some couples are not doing, and it often leads to some of the best s*x. A good old fashioned make out session just like the one from high school or college days is all you need to have a better time in bed. Here are some ways to amp up your kissing to get you ready for a great time with your partner.

– Reposition yourself while kissing. Sit on his lap, stand if you want him to be taller than you, push your bodies together so that he gets the idea of where things are headed.

– Brush your lips against his lightly and enjoy his breath on your lips.

– Change things up. Don’t just kiss the same way the whole time. Try a little nibble or move your tongue differently.

– Put your hand on his chest over his heart and kiss along with his heartbeat.

– Use your hands. Run them through his hair, down his chest, over his back.

– Strip down and make it a full contact sport. Let him know what you want!

– Dry-humping is something teenagers do right? Wrong. It can make things a lot steamier and make it better when you actually get down to having s*x.

– Don’t just focus on the lips. Go after his ears. Guys get turned on by nibbling on the ears.

– Eye contact. It is very important and lets him see how connected you are.

– Use your lips to your advantage. Kiss his cheeks, his ears, his neck, anywhere that you can.

– Kiss him below the belt, everywhere except for the one place he really wants. This will help to build the tension.

– When you reach the big O, kiss deeply. After time the more you do this, the more your body will expect it.

– Skip other foreplay. Make the make out session your foreplay and then go right to a steamy encounter.


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