“Fountain of Youth” Pill Steals Show at D.C. Women’s Health Conference


mirror womanBy Staff Blogger

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a pill that you could take that would turn back the hands of time on your body, or stop it all together? SeroVital may be just the pill to do it! At the Academy of Women’s Health 21st Congress, in Washington DC this week, SeroVital was the main highlight. The Congress is always about women’s health and how to better our health, but this little pill stole the show.

SeroVital is an oral pill that is a human growth hormone booster that is designed for women. Normally when you think hGH you think of athletes who need to keep their bodies beefed up. The hGH helps to decrease body fat, boost energy, reduce wrinkles, increase lean muscle mass, and boost the s*x drive, and can make you look decades younger. Sounds like a miracle pill right? Celebrities have gone to extremely expensive clinics to have hGH injections done, but it was a very controversial procedure.

In a double-blind study that was done during the research phase of SeroVital, it showed that the pill was capable of raising the mean serum blood growth hormone levels by 682%. The pill has been featured on shows such as Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Fox News, and CNN.

The growth hormone is a peptide chain that starts in the pituitary gland and travels through the blood. It shrinks fat cells, releases collagen to decrease wrinkles, and stimulates lean muscle growth. As we age, the level of hGH that is made in our bodies decreases. SeroVital isn’t like other hGH treatments where it introduces synthetic hGH, but instead increases the body’s natural production of it.

SeroVital can now be purchased for about $100 a month, which some say is worth it, but it is not a magic pill. You still need to exercise and maintain a healthy diet when you are taking it. More research is being done at the moment.



  1. This is the perfect example of Black’s wanting to be like the “Perverted Catholic”…

    You, like the “Perverted Catholic”, will take anything that is called a “PILL”…if it look like a “PILL”, take it…you worry and complain about the side-effect’s later…

  2. The major question would be where are they getting these hormones from? They are not taking them for humans that’s a given so they must be taking them from animals.
    Next question is are these not toxic meaning they have not been treated nor fed any GMO which would render the pill toxic also. Look great when you dead…that makes sense.
    There really is only one thing on the market today that is actually from a Tree that does all they say this pill does and more. MORINGA OLEIFERA produced by Zija International. True youth restored, diseases disappear, weight loss, just feeling great and a great way to make extra income.
    Do your research on whatever you choose but if you choose anything that has GMO’s in it…kiss your kidney’s goodbye.

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