Four Cups or More of This Everyday Staple Drink Can Lead to an Early Death


cupBy: Krystle Crossman

Coffee is a huge part of many people’s mornings. We get up, turn on the coffee maker and make a pot while we are reading the paper or getting ready for the day. 64% of Americans drink coffee regularly and those that do drink it regularly have an average of 3.1 cups per day! Some use it to get going in the morning by taking the caffeine in and others drink it simply because they like the taste of it. A new study however may dampen some people’s love for coffee.

In the study scientists researched and surveyed 43,000 adults from 1971 to 2002. They looked at dozens of demographic and health factors and also looked at their coffee consumption per day. What they found is that those who were under 55 years of age and had over four cups of coffee per day were at a greater risk of dying early than those who stayed under the four cups per day. Men had a 56% higher risk of dying early while women had an astounding 113% higher risk.

The exact cause for the higher mortality rates was not immediately clear with this study. It could have been from higher caffeine intake, higher stress levels, a severe lack of sleep or many other factors. Coffee studies have been conducted over the years to find a link between drinking coffee and different diseases such as cancer and insomnia. This is the first one that looks at the overall lifespan. When this study was performed, cups of coffee were much smaller than the regular sizes that we drink today as well. Back then a cup was 6oz to 8oz, but these days we drink sizes that are equivalent to two cups.


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  1. Stress from working…..i think the coffee helps so ppl work more, harder & longer which leads to stress & a early grave. Hope they working to leave sumin behind.

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