Four Men Feel Objectified After Being Treated Like Famous Women


By: Krystle Crossman

When you open a magazine such as People or Cosmopolitan you will notice that the photos of the women in the magazine are perfect. Not a hair out of place, no cellulite anywhere, not a wrinkle to be seen. Everyone knows that women are Photoshopped when they are put into publications but sometimes we do not realize just how much work is done on these photos to make sure that the woman look like what the fashion industry considers to be acceptable. The problem with this is that it gives women and young girl unrealistic standards that they feel they need to live up to in order to be accepted.

Four men called “The Try Guys” decided to go into different photoshoots to see what it was like to be Photoshopped like the celebrities are. They each were assigned a different shoot based on past photos from Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Filippa Hamilton, and a Victoria’s Secret model. They dressed the same as the celebrities and held the same poses. After they were done with the shoot the photos were sent off to editors to make their bodies look like a male fashion model “should” look like. The entire process was a wake-up call for the four men.

While they were posing for the photos the men were verbally assaulted by the directors and photographers. Their appearance was degraded. They were put into extremely uncomfortable positions. Their bodies were objectified. Every little imperfection was called out. The four men said that they felt worse about themselves after doing the photoshoots and they hadn’t even seen the edited photos yet. Editor for Buzzfeed, Chrissy Mahlmeister, told the men that they were going to be shocked by what they saw. She said it is looking at what people wished you looked like when most of the images are not realistically possible in any way.

As they were looking at the edited images they were poking fun but all the while realizing how horrible the standards of beauty are for men and women. The Try Guy posing for the replica Madonna photo, Ned Fulmer, stated that they made him look like a vampire because they lightened and smoothed his skin and made his eyes bright. He also said that the whole process of the shoot was “dehumanizing” and he felt like they were trying to set expectations for him that he wasn’t going to be able to meet.



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