Four of The Best Holiday Gifts Ever


Black family Xmas giftsAround the holidays many of us get very busy shopping up a storm and trying to make sure that we have all the right ingredients for our holiday dinners and parties. We also try to get through our sometimes long lists of holiday gifts. There are however four holidays gifts that are always at the top of the list and they don’t cost a dime!

1. Hugs

Everyone loves to give and get hugs. Hugs have been proven to increase our “feel good” hormones and they are often a gift that everyone forgets to stop and appreciate. It’s great to give presents that may sparkle or make fun noises but never underestimate the power  and the gift of a hug.

2. Kisses

There is a reason why mistletoe is hung at many holiday gatherings. It’s a reminder that there can never be enough kisses for those you love. Just make sure the kisses are just pecks on the cheek  and strictly friendly where appropriate!

3. I Love You

Sometimes we get caught up in how big or expensive the gifts we are getting or giving are but we miss the biggest gift of all; love. Tell your loved ones you love them. Yes, they may love the gift you gave them but remember people tend to remember how you made them feel more than anything else that you do. Make someone feel loved and appreciated by telling them those three little words.

4. Family

Spending time with family is such an enriching experience. Even if some of our loved ones tease us or get on our nerves, the gift of your time is such a precious one. Take time to spend time  with and appreciate your family.


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