Four Reasons Why Women Need To STOP Faking [email protected]


Big OBy Staff Blogger

Many women report that they have faked [email protected] and still do. There are many reasons for doing so, among them are: not wanting to hurt your man’s feelings or bruise his ego. Some women say that they fake it because they are just not enjoying themselves or they realize “it” is not going to happen so they just want it to end.

Here are four reasons why you may want to reconsider faking it:

1. It is a lie – No matter what you tell yourself about faking it, it is a lie and there is no way around that. To have a healthy relationship, couples need to have honest and open communication.

2. If he is man enough to seduce you to have intercourse with him or to be your husband or partner, he is man enough to handle the fact that he didn’t make your toes curl.

Let’s face it; some people are not great in bed and you don’t know until you’re actually in bed with them. Even so, it is better to just say you’re not enjoying yourself and stop, rather than fake it to end the not-so-enjoyable experience.

3. It’s not all about [email protected] with everyone or every time. Sometimes the closeness and intimacy are enough and that is what it was about. Expecting to climax every time can be realistic for some couples but for some it is neither the motive nor the expectation and it is not realistic for them.

4. You’re creating an epidemic of men who are lousy in bed walking around thinking “I’m the man!”. This serves no one. He is deluded and the women he tells “I can rock your world” are in for a horrible let down.

Isn’t it better to just tell the truth and then maybe start the process of learning to please each other without all the fake howling and screaming?



  1. Most women, especially the old ones, do not experience orgasm while having sex! Most women, especially the Sisters, have been traumatized by either being physically or emotionally abused, therefore they are unable to love or respond positively to any kind of sexual stimuli. In other words, they are spiritually and emotionally dead which translates into a dead mind, thus there is a cutoff, a short circuit between the vagina and the pleasure center in the brain! Most women just go through the motions. Some scream and shout knowing they are feeling nothing. Most assume the man is so intent on “getting his” that he has no knowledge of what is happening. Sisters, most brothers know you aren’t feeling anything when you are faking it. They resign themselves to the fact that most of you are frigid, so they concentrate on “getting theirs”. Sisters, when you lie about what you are not feeling, it causes the Brothers to lose respect for you. Really, with all the loveless, irresponsible sex that is taking place out here it is a miracle that anybody (male or female) is enjoying it. The solution to this epidemic of frigidity that so many Sisters are infected with is to have sex withing the context of love and respect, and make sure that you have learned to love your fathers, love yourselves and love God. Carrying around any resentment for your fathers will prevent you from submitting to any man. You cannot love a man until you learn to love your father! Anything else is going to leave you cold, callous and frigid! If you know you cannot love, leave men alone until you get it together! The key that will unlock the door to your orgasmic bliss is love. No amount of faking it will give you the incredible bliss of a true orgasm that God put in every woman.

  2. Love has nothing to do with an 0rgasm….I enjoyed the toes curling. Good one. Having an open, honest relationship is the most important thing there is. Can’t communicate, what’s love got to do with it? 😉

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