“Free Bleeding”: New Feminist Trend Many Are Finding Troubling


By: Krystle Crossman

Extreme feminists are taking their beliefs to new heights with a disturbing new trend called free-bleeding. This is when women choose not to use feminine hygiene products while they are [email protected] and instead let the blood flow freely. It drips down their legs, stains their clothes, and stains anything else that they come in contact with.

There are two main reasons why they believe in this movement. They feel that although they are products that are made specifically for women, the feminine hygiene products are something that they consider “man-made” and therefore they should not be using them. Another reason that they feel that this is necessary for women is because a per!od is something that is natural for a woman and they don’t feel that this natural process should be covered up or hidden.

To most women the very thought of this concept is appalling. It seems unsanitary, gross, and quite frankly, dangerous to others as blood is considered to be a hazardous body fluid. There are many reasons why this practice is wrong and should not be considered, not only for your health but for the health of others. We cover up what we don’t want the world to see, or what they are not supposed to see. Our [email protected] cycles are one of those dirty things that should be covered up. If the feminists reason that animals run around without covering up it can be argued that it is because animals are less intelligent than we are and do not function in the same way that we do.

Did you also know that the female reproductive system houses more than 7,000 different types of bacteria? That is pretty hazardous to other people should they come in contact with your bodily fluids. There are many other feminist trends that you can leap on board with, but this should not be one of them.



  1. WOW!!! HOW FILTHY!!!
    This is a good to know article so I can be-careful when I go out in public and think about sitting my donkey down somewhere, like in the movie theater.
    What the hell does blood running down your legs have anything to do with being a feminist!! This is demonic behavior plain and simple.
    The woman who had the problem with the issue of blood was considered “UNCLEAN” until Jesus healed here. Somebody please tell me that our black sisters are not caught up into this type of filthy buffoonery.

  2. Let me first say, wow…. I agree that this is hazardous and gross, but I don’t think I’d call the menstrual cycle itself “dirty” so much as a normal and natural part of a woman’s life. Calling THE PROCESS of menstruation dirty or something to feel any sort of shame about is as extreme as saying it should totally NOT be covered or caught by anyth It’s not and those bacteria that are housed are mostly helpful, unless 1 have an imbalance. That being said, this is akin to allowing your

    • Well said! I can’t believe that women are calling there menstrual cycle dirty. When it is an absolute Blessing! There is no life without those eggs dropping every Month. I don’t know who wouldn’t use sanitary product through this process, but it is a Blessing all the same.

  3. Sorry my other comment was unfinished but I accidentally hit send.
    Let me first say, wow…. I agree that this is hazardous and gross, but I don’t think I’d call the menstrual cycle itself “dirty” so much as a normal and natural part of a woman’s life.It’s not and those bacteria that are housed are mostly helpful, unless one has an imbalance. Calling THE PROCESS of menstruation dirty or something to feel any sort of shame about is as extreme as saying it should totally NOT be covered or caught by anything and ppl just need to deal. That being said, this is akin to allowing yourself to just pee and poop in your pants. Going to the bathroom in and of itself is not GROSS, as you have NEED of doing it and everyone does it. However, we do so, for the most part, in private and to just go any and everywhere is unsanitary and a health hazard.

  4. This has to be an urban legend. How in the world can anyone function with blood all over the body and clothing. Surely no sane person will walk around with blood running down their leg! Just the idea is gross. Not the cycling, that is a normal and natural function of the body. I hate sitting in chairs because girls and women wear their dress so short until you know their body parts are directly on the surface. Surely women have not become this nasty.

  5. This is absolutely repulsive to even THINK about. How about you keep your free bleeding self in your home while you practice this bizarre and unhealthy action. I KNOW I’m going to be extra careful around public places (especially restrooms) now that I know that some women have actually LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS.

  6. Wheniwassifted on

    Some things ate just stupid and this is one. As a woman, the natural process is what it is. To think that anyone wants your nasty menustration blood “out” is selfish, unsanitary and gross. Common sense gets rarer by the moment….

  7. This cannot be true. Any sane woman would not walk around with blood flowing down her legs and all over her clothes. It doesn’t even sound right.

    • @Ms.Dex
      I do not believe black-women are caught up in some type of BS like this, but this does sound like some crap a sick-a$$ feminist white-woman would do, just like they kiss their [email protected] dogs in the mouth with their tongues then turn around and stick their tongues in a black-mans mouth LMBO!!!



  8. So is taking a s*+t too but you don’t see people stooping in the middle of the street to do it. This is beyond nasty and whoever does it should be arrested for passing bodily fluids to innocent bystanders!

  9. I am okay with women who want to do this at their home and they are the only ones home. They can stay in their nastiness. There is no need to share this with the outside world. They certainly will not be allowed in the workplace or public with this unsatisfactory behavior.

  10. Seriously!??? This has to be a publicity stunt because no person IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would consider such ridiculousness as acceptable behaviour to prove a point. Does this mean they are no longer using toilet paper too? I think not. I certainly hope I never see proof of this —- it’s beyond insanity. Before these “man made” products were invented organic materials were used to stop the flow of blood. Even primitive cultures have diginity about this natural process. I think the author of this article would have done well to cite her references. I read too many articles on YBW that are not based in fact, or just simply misleading.

  11. sharon anthony on

    Feminine hygiene products not that long ago were kept behind the pharmacist counter, as were condoms. Before those women had “wrags”, folded pieces of fabric used only for menstrual blood.Can’t imagine a woman just letting blood, or any body fluid run down their legs and all over their clothes, wherever they sit or stand. Now, THAT, is dirty, our cycles are not.

  12. James Roseau--Danbury, CT on

    “Feminists” should not even have the audacity to entertain such a preposterous idea. If they believe that their blood should flow without hindrance in public during the menstrual process, then they may soon entertain the idea of defecating in public without worrying about the noxious odors and fumes to which they may expose others. Anyone with any quantifiable level of intelligence should automatically know that there is never any justifiable substitute for good hygiene.

  13. I don’t believe this is true. It sounds like anti-feminist blather from one of these women-hating right-wing males that haven’t got the least understanding of basic female physiological function–you know, the ones who believe we can close our bodies if we are TRULY being raped, and that true rapes cannot result in pregnancy. Any woman knows how impossible it would be to walk around without menstrual blood becoming obvious within the first couple of minutes, and that no woman would deliberately risk the social stigma or the permanent ruining of her clothes just to prove a point about male corporate inequality of opportunity. Again, I do not believe this at all. It’s surely just another ploy, invented by an ignorant mind, to frighten those who are afraid in a world where there are plenty of REAL things going against good people. It serves their awful purposes when we allow ourselves to be distracted by such nonsense.

  14. The claim of this practice growing to be a widespread one is ridiculous. A woman could not go to school, work or just about anywhere else if walked around with blood-soaked clothes, blood running down her legs, etc. I believe that this is some BS that some writer made up to attack feminism and the growth of feminism in the African American community. The goal is to make feminists and more importantly feminism (the fight for female equality)unattractive to both men and women in our community. Does anyone here on the blogs actually know someone who practices this? I’ve been in the feminist community for over a decade and I have yet to hear another feminist promoting or practicing this.

  15. I just threw up in my mouth. This is unthinkable, uncivilized and unacceptible behavior. I just hope I never come across on of these dirty chics!!!

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