Friends Forever: How To Maintain a Lifelong Relationship


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Social media has taken over our lives in the last few years. People are always on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Years ago Myspace was the most popular social media site. Despite the fact that social media is a huge distraction, it also helps people to live longer and stay connected with people they may not normally get to talk to otherwise.

Research has shown that elderly people who engage in social media live a bit longer than those who don’t. It showed that friends can often increase the longevity of life more than family at times. Even social media however cannot stop a major fallout between friends. No one wants to fight with their friends, but how can you stop it before it starts?

Be honest. This is a key factor to all relationships. Friendships fall apart all the time because they found out they were being lied to, which incites hurt and anger. Giving and receiving constructive criticism is a huge part of a friendship. Being honest all the time will also help emotions from being bottled up and then exploding all at once.

If you do something wrong, acknowledge it and fix it. You know your friend’s weaknesses and in the heat of a fight, may use that knowledge to your advantage. If you should happen to do this, apologize and make it right.

Make time for your friend. Show them that you appreciate them being in your life. Taking time to go out to a quick dinner or a movie, even a cup of coffee in the morning will help them see that they are an important part of who you are and shows them you value their friendship.

Don’t make assumptions about the friendship and what you think they should do for you. Above all else, be compassionate. When a friend is hurting, don’t turn to cynicism. Make sure they know you are there for them and know what they are going through.

These are all keys to a long and happy friendship and in turn, a long life!



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