From 342 to 165 Pounds in Five Years: How Almetria Turner Saved Her Life


By: Serena Crawford

Almetria Turner was not in a good place. She had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She was sick all of the time and tired all of the time. She weighed 342 pounds. She had to take medication for her diabetes and for high blood pressure. It was 2010 and Turner was only 36 years old. She felt depressed about her situation. After hearing from her doctor that if she were able to get under 200 pounds she could go off of the medications she decided that she needed to make a lifestyle change and she needed it that moment.

Turner had done fad diets in the past and they had never worked for her. This time around she started eating three meals per day but she also had snack in between. She began to exercise more. She would read the labels on food before putting them in her cart so that she had a rough estimate on what she should and shouldn’t be eating. She was very meticulous about what she put into her body. Turner also began to make meal plans at the end of the week, shop for them on Saturday, and then make all of her meals for the week on Sunday so that she would have them packaged and ready to go. Over time she began to eat things that she had never eaten before such as whole grains instead of starches.

Even though she was doing so well with her new diet she knew that she also had to get exercise in if she was going to have any hope of losing the weight and becoming healthy. She took up walking at first but as time went on she ended up doing boot camps, going to Zumba classes and even running. She didn’t use a gym to help her on her quest for exercise. Instead she used what she had all around her that was free. For strength training she did exercises that used her body weight as the weights. She would take walks around the parks nearby.

There were times when Turner got down about life but she tried hard to surround herself with positivity. After 5 years of hard work she was down to 165 pounds for a total weight loss of 177 pounds! She said that losing the weight slowly helped her to stay motivated and develop confidence that she never had before. She is now off all of her medications and she has never felt better.


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