From The Horse’s Mouth: Men’s Secrets About Love, Life and $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are dating a guy it can be hard to get a read on him and what he is thinking or feeling. Men like to keep these things locked up. Here are some secrets that men won’t tell you but MC’s male dating blogger Rich Santos tells us some of them:

1. Men really do like to cuddle. Don’t let them fool you with their macho acts. They like to cuddle almost as much as women do. It makes them feel secure and connected to their partners.

2. Men do not like a lot of makeup: Less is more ladies. Your date does not want to be rolling up to a fancy restaurant with someone who looks like a clown. The more makeup you wear the messier it will be in the morning if you get that far on the date.

3. Men think that you will never understand his obsession with sports. If you really do love sports, show him! Talk to him about stats and different plays. Watch the games with him and get excited!

4. Men don’t want a lot of baggage right away. If you bring out all the baggage you are carrying with you right off, that will probably scare him away. He doesn’t want to have to deal with all of that drama.

5. Men are afraid of commitment. I means maturing and some mature slower than women do. This is not true of all men, but is the truth for a good chunk of them.

6. Men are not as crazy about s*x in the shower as you think. It is awkward. Positioning yourselves in a tiny shower is not ideal. There is soap and water everywhere which can make things difficult. Keeping your balance can be hard.

7. Men do blame your mood swings on PMS sometimes. It is sometimes the first thought that comes into their head when you are in a bad mood. If they are smart they keep quiet and don’t say anything.



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