Fun Fridays: Celebrities That Need “the lawd”


nicki-minajBy Staff Blogger

It’s Friday and we thought we would have some harmless fun by sharing our thoughts about some of the Black women we see in the media, that need “the lawd”.  If you’re offended, next week we will be posting “10 Signs You May Be Unable to Take a Joke”.  Enjoy!

1. Nicki Minaj

We are not sure who decided to put Nicki on American Idol-Fox will try anything for ratings! From the fake accent, to the fake hair and fake compassion, even 2 or 3 hours a week is too much Nicky Minaj!

2. Olivia Pope in Scandal

We know she is not “real” but she really, really needs “the lawd”. She dumped her man and actually believed that Mr. president would wife her and of course he told her that he changed his mind. Now she has no man and she’s back to “doing it” in closets and back alleys. *sigh

3. Kim & Kanye’s Baby

The mother is Kim Kardashian and the father is Kanye West. Even before he or she is born, we already know that he or she is gonna need “the lawd”. Enough said.

4. Kenya Moore (From Real Housewives Of Atlanta)

First her Man left her (but she actually thinks she left him) and she can’t stop getting into nasty cat fights. As if all that were not enough, one or two of the other “housewives” think she may have a drinking problem. *sigh

5. All The ladies of the reality show “Sisterhood”

They are all so called pastor’s wives but they seem to like gossip, conflict and lunches more than they love their churches. One would think that when a group of preachers’ wives had the opportunity to set an example of how a group of self respecting Black women should act, they would take it. All we can say is: Don’t hold your breath!



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