Fun Fridays: Top Celebrity “FAIL” of the Week


starter wivesBy Staff Blogger

It’s Friday and somehow that makes everyone want to have some fun, so we, at Healthy Black Woman, have decided to join in the fun. This is, of course, intended to be light and funny and as always, we suggest that anyone who feels offended should come back next week when we will be posting a special blog titled,“10 Signs You May Be Unable to Take a Joke”.  Enjoy!

1. At the top of our list this week is our beloved Fantasia who went on Intagram to rant about Jet Magazine not using the photos she gave them on the cover of their magazine. Now, we do love Fay-fay but the problem with the angry and PUBLIC rant, that she went on, is that it was full of grammatical and spelling errors! *sigh…Again, we love our Fay-fay and the fact that she is the classic “rags to riches” story that inspires us all. A teenage mother who dropped out of high school and went on to fame and stardom-yes, inspiring! BUT, can someone please get her before she makes another public statement?

2. Coming in at number two is who ever is responsible for Fantasia’s public image. It was their job to make sure that this whole photo issue was handled professionally. If Fantasia has a publicist or manager (other than her Mom or some other relative), all we can say is …FAIL!

3. Our final FAIL of the week: The women of TLC’s latest reality show, Starter Wives Confidential. The first FAIL was not being able to stay on air, not even for one season. (They are coming off midway.) Apparently thuggish behavior no longer works when it comes to keeping a group of Black women on air, in a reality show. The second FAIL was when their “leader,” Funkmaster Flex’s ex-wife, Monica Joseph-Taylor, went on her blog to explain that they were actually not gone, but had relocated to “online”. Hmmmmm….Really? We think that if you get kicked off the air, the more self respecting thing would be to just go somewhere and lick your wounds. Don’t make it worse with all the “we’re online” talk-okay? Okay.


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