Funny Tricks Men Use to Grab Your Attention


ignoring a manBy Staff Blogger

Men like to seek attention in many different ways. They may try to make you laugh, may do something dangerous, or may act like a jerk. Here are six funny ways that guys like to seek out attention.

1. They act like a clown. They are trying to make you laugh so they will pull different stunts. Dr. Scott Halzman believes that men need to do something wacky to keep their wife’s attention such as serving her dinner on roller skates or climbing into bed in a tuxedo.

2. He will wear something just for you. Before men go on a date with their partner they will put on the cologne that she bought for them, or will wear a piece of clothing that they bought even if the guy doesn’t like it. This will get her attention and show that he appreciates the gifts.

3. Spot me baby. When at the gym with their partners, men will have the women spot them while doing some weight lifting. They get a chance to show off and also force their partner to keep her eyes on only him instead of other men that are flexing their muscles.

4. He will learn what works for women. Most women would not be impressed if he started stripping off his clothes and prancing around the room. They want to connect on a more emotional level, so the guy will use this to his advantage.

5. How about a little role playing? Some men go to a bar with their wives but pretend that they don’t know them and then pretend to try and pick them up. This kind of fantasy play can help to bring a little spice to things and can help to remind each other about the fun they had when dating.

6. They will make fun of you about the sappy movies that you like. When watching a sappy chick flick they may do a fake cry, or say that the movie is so lame. Sometimes they have to act macho like this because they don’t want to be seen crying!



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