Gabby Union and D-Wade Say “Vultures” Leaked Her [email protected] Photos


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A short time ago a handful of celebrities were hit by hackers. These hackers went into their personal iCloud accounts and took photos to post all over the internet. These photos were not everyday vacation photos. The hackers found all of the photos of the celebs that they could with no clothes on and plastered them all over the internet for the world to see. Some of the women who were hit by the hackers were Jill Scott, Jennifer Lawrence, and Vanessa Hudgens. Now we have learned that Gabrielle Union was among those with photos leaked.

Union and her new husband Dwayne Wade were disgusted that their personal photos that were taken by them and then deleted were showing up all over the internet for the world to see. Union states that women, especially minority women, are all too often victimized and it is something that has been happening since the beginning of time. She said that she sends support and love to other women who have had this happen to them as well.

Union and Wade are now trying to involve the FBI in the matter as there are so many women who are being victimized by these hackers. Yes, they are celebrities in the public eye, but these are private and personal photos that were taken for their eyes only, not to be put on display.

The batches of photos were being posted on an online forum and were taken down as quickly as possibly by the administrators of the site but unfortunately it was too late and the damage had already been done. The photos were being spread like wildfire across the internet. Apple has taken a close look into the matter but says that these attacks are targeted to certain people. They do not feel that the iCould server itself has been compromised for the general public. The question is, what are they going to do about it so that hackers can’t get into people’s accounts? One of the largest problems with digital media is that there is always a chance someone can get their hands on someone else’s digital property and do what they wish with it with no regard for anyone else.



  1. Stop trusting the “Cloud”. It is just a server/computer somewhere else. Store your stuff on your server/computer in your house.

  2. When these actresses take nude pictures and put them on the cloud or internet they want them to be published for the public to see. This keeps or makes them relevant. The know exactly what they are doing.

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