Gabourey Sidibe Shares Source of Confidence in Emotional Speech


By: Krystle Crossman

Gabourey Sidibe is a strong and confident woman. She shows us this every time that she steps onto the red carpet. On Thursday night at the Ms. Foundation for Women gala she gave a very emotional and heartfelt speech about where she got her confidence from. She spoke about something that happened to her in the fifth grade. She said that no one would eat the cookies that she baked and brought in.

She told the audience that she wasn’t even sure why she was baking the cookies at the time because she didn’t have any friends. From the fourth grade to the sixth grade she had to deal with everyone hating her. She said that there was a reason they did not like her but it wasn’t because she was dark skin or because she was overweight. She said the other kids hated her because, “I was an a******”.

Even though she appears to be really confident every time she steps on the red carpet she is fighting with an internal struggle. When she thinks about getting ready for an event she is worried. She knows that no matter what it is that she wears there are going to be people who are making fun of her weight. She says that if she wears red people say she is the Kool-Aid man. If she wears a purple dress they call her Barney the purple dinosaur. She knows that after every red carpet event there will be comments from people all over the country saying how overweight she is and making fun of her for it.

She gives credit to the kids that used to make fun of her in school. She said if they hadn’t made fun of her she never would have learned how to show off her talents instead of shrinking away. She says that she dares to live her life the way that she wants it and that is where her confidence comes from.



  1. Sistagirl from the Boogie Down Bronx on

    Luv, Luv, Luv Gabourey Sidibe!

    Praying for you and your continued success my sister! Please everyone pray for lil sistagirl Gabby! She will need it in blond, anorexic Hollywood and post traumattic slave syndrome America

  2. ELois P. Clayton on

    I am soooo proud of this young lady!
    I have been mocked for childish reasons as well, but it never dawned on me that there may be those kind of people in the world because I was raised to have confidence and not let nothing interfer in my learning.
    In the middle of this, I learned what it meant to be a samaritan and be supportive of others who were being mocked, so I never even gave it a thought of what they were trying to make I feel like.
    I was an excellent student, friend and supporter, so I (I guess you could say), didn’t have the sense to feel less thatn God put on I to feel.
    Knowing that he Loves I and wanted I to treat others the same, is what helped/helps I NOT allow satan to steal my joy and I will encourage all individuals to practice doing God’s will and never let negativity interfer with your success.
    TRUST ME!…When you are COVERED in the blood of Jesus, satan can NOT touch you!

  3. Gabourey Sidibe is a Beautiful African American full figured young lady. There are many Americans overweight including myself. I’m not as quite as overweight as Gabourey is, but the fact remains I still need to loose some of this extra in my stomach area… I Love People , who Loves themselves and is in comfortable in their own SKIN, JUST LIKE MY FAVORITE COMEDIAN ” MO’NIQUE” before she lost quite a few pounds to improve her Health down the road and Learned to Eat Healthy. JILL SCOTT, WAS ANOTHER VIVACIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL FULL FIGURED AFRICAN AMERICAN CELEBRITY. ALL, I AM GONNA SAY, IS THAT EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE THAT I’VE SEEN THRU THE YEARS ARE JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL WITH THE MOST GORGEOUS FACE AND PERSONALITY….LET’S GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO ALL FULL FIGURED AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALES… WE LOVE YOU AND i KNOW THAT GOD DOES AS WELL, BECAUSE ME MADE AND CREATED YOU TO BE THAT SPECIAL PERSON THAT YOU’VE BECOME IN THIS SOCIETY AND WORLD. !

  4. I love this BBW. I only wish that she lose some weight. I don’t want her to suffer from Diabetes and other health conditions.

    I want her around for years and years to come.

  5. Deborah Jackson on

    Gabourey is very talented and beautiful but she is killing herself. She is not just overweight she is dangerously obese. The same determination and strength that she puts into her craft she can put into her health. She has to know she is shortening her life.
    She has to examine that and act on it so that her bright light
    will shine a long time.

  6. First off she needs to fire her stylist. The wigs/weaves chosen for her always look awful. The clothes that are chosen for her a disaster. It’s kinda like her stylist is doing
    It on purpose to make her look like a train wreck.
    Secondly she would benefit from a waist cincher.
    If she cut back on the sodas and get a diuretic she would loose that bloated look.
    She’s to young to look so tired and tacky. In my opinion she never looks presentable she always look like a huge sack of potatoes. Good Luck Gabby girl!!!

  7. OMG, she is a walking time bomb,she cant live long in her condition! I know doctors have told her that,she cant laugh everything off. She is very pretty and I love to hear her speak, but she is entirely too obese.

  8. Marjorie Henry-Lawrence on

    They say her fat is killing her. Her fat is there for all to see – but do we know what is killing us??

    Just because we can’t see our diesase it does not mean our condition is not as dangerous…..let the lady be!!

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