Gabrielle Union Posts Photos of Her Beach Vacation After Engagement to D-Wade


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

It is a time for Gabrielle Union to celebrate after just getting engaged to long-time boyfriend Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. So to go out and get her party on she took a little trip to the beach with some of her girlfriends. She uploaded photos to her Instagram account to show everyone how happy she is. She rocked a red bikini, cowgirl hat, and sunglasses while posing for her photos. She sent multiple photos of her adventures out and sent out a tweet stating that she had just done a shark dive.

Just a little over a week ago she let her 2 million Twitter followers know that she had gotten engaged. She showed a photo of the 8.5 carat rock that was nestled softly on her ring finger. The estimated cost of the ring…a cool million! It took Wade a while to find the perfect ring, and when he finally found the stone that he liked he had it placed in a platinum band for Union.

gabby at beachUnion and Wade began their relationship in 2009 but had broken up for a while earlier this year because of conflicting career schedules. Union was filming her new show Being Mary Jane and Wade was tending to injuries that he go while playing with the Heat. He told Jay Leno in an interview on the Tonight Show that since she was filming and he was trying to help his team win the championship with his injuries they decided to take a step back from the relationship for a bit.

Obviously they have found their way back to each other and couldn’t be happier. Wade’s sons from a previous marriage love Gabrielle.



    • Were you there when they met!
      You do not anything about their relationship!! Mind your business!!

      G gots it going on!! Wade had another kid for a groupy woman and still placed a ring on Ms Gabby’s finger!! Obviously she got the good stuff that rings are made for!! She protected her delf, career, and reputation!!
      She gets mad props for being a strong black woman who stood her grounds and made the man step up to do it the right way!!!

    • Congratulations, but to call her names and you do not know her is sad. Anyone can change their is a season in everyone life. Let us stop hating on each other

  1. The problem here is that you cannot build your happiness on the suffering of others. A hot younger woman will not satisfy Wade. Union will quickly get pregnant and in a few years their relationship will end. Wade chested at least once. What will stop him from cheating on Union. I don’t agree with calling Union offensive names. Wade took a vow , broke it and fractured his family. Union is not the issue here, Wade is.

    • I thought they were separated when this child was conceived. So would that be cheating. And hoe can you predict their future? I wish them the best. No room for negativity in 2014 for me. Good luck with your 2014 goals

      • Past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Do not confuse negativity with the obvious. Your trajectory determimes your ultimate destination. This principal applies to just about everything in life. How much does an 8.5 carat engagement ring cost.

  2. Well I hope they both get tested, especially after that affair he had on their “so-called” break from each other. What a shame. I thought she was smarter than that. Ahhhhhh another one bites the dust.

  3. Gabby has been messing with other people’s men since the 70’s that I know of, when me and my boyfriend lived across the hall from her. she has consistently had no regard for men in relationships, now she is desperate for a husband of her own, she knows what comes with it, and she will not let anyone get in the way of her having a young, rich, husband, believe that.

    • gabby is rich and a celebrity herself and wouldn’t have a problem finding a man to marry…the woman is beautiful. So please sit down and give your mind a rest with all that hate and jealousy.

    • LOL seriously some people can be so ignorant. Where are the morals these days. Clarice I agree with you. They both are a mess. Its a shame how some black celebrities act. And who in the world would be jealous of her. She’s just a regular person. You are speaking the ugly truth Clarice but its what gabby and Wade show the world.

  4. I still don’t understand why he didn’t use protection with this new baby mama? that just doesn’t make any since, especially if she is not your woman. that was just really stupid on his part. Hopefully union will be happy but this is really not a way to start out a marriage. I wonder would he have taken her back if she got pregnant during on of their “breaks”? heck no!

  5. Haters just can’t leave the hate in 2013? You’re hatin on Gabby because she is 40. Mariah Carey (44), Halle Berry (47 with a newborn), J.Lo (44), Janet Jackson (47) and Gabby (41) are all still very beautiful and still working. There are obviously some insecurities when you’re hating on women in Hollywood just because they’re 40 years old. Damn, Clarice, clean that jealousy out of your heart!

    • How is she being a hater are you and everybody up here who is calling her a hater mentally delayed. Ya’ll must be black ignorant women BC that’s who usually calls people haters for having an opinion, and the whole baby momma issue plus the adultery is a mess and they should be ashamed.

  6. with all the above being said…it still doesnt matter one way or another bc opinions are like butt holes we all have one… theyre still moving on with their live no matter what the outcome may be…. thank God He’s the only judge & jury & He’s the only one that has a heaven or hell to put us in whether your a believer or not. Just bc theyre sin isnt your sins doesnt mean anyones is any better. No one has the right to cast any stones for that matter. The differance between our down fall & theirs is that ours isnt spotlighted but we ALL all short…. smh…. people kill me!

  7. pamela williams on

    What most people tend to forget is that celebrities are human and having money does not make one exempt from life issues. They still struggle with the same decision s as non celebrities. I wish them all the best in their journey together and I too hope that their future is bright.

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