Gaining Weight? These Personality Traits May Be To Blame


© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationBy: Krystle Crossman

There are many different factors that contribute to your weight. When you begin to gain weight, you will most likely blame it either on what you have been eating or the fact that you may not have been exercising as much as you should. There is one other important factor that you may not be considering however, and that is your personality. There are certain personalities and traits that are linked to obesity and weight gain.

More than 8,900 people were studied in four different studies. The researchers found that those who had more weight gain or who were obese tended to be:

– Neurotic: These people are the ones who are more likely to have anxiety, depression, paranoia, and loneliness.

– Low in conscientiousness: These people are the ones who are undisciplined, disorganized, and very easily distracted.

While they found that these traits increase your risk of obesity, they found that they don’t amplify the effect.

These studies were meant to get a better handle on mental well-being and weight, but should not be taken as a concrete study. Not everyone who exhibits these personality traits will be overweight or gain weight. What it does mean is that these different behaviors and characteristics can lead to different activities that will hinder a healthy lifestyle. Someone who has a neurotic personality for example could turn to stress eating to cope with their feelings. Someone who is low in conscientiousness will have a hard time keeping a good exercise routine or healthy lifestyle.

If you recognize any of these traits in yourself, don’t panic. You have complete control over what is going on in your body and are able to make good choices on your own.



  1. Yep. People are fat because of several reasons. The smell of deliciousness will cause you to devour several servings of whatever strikes your fancy at that particular moment. There is no concern about heart attacks, cholesterol, or weight gain. The only thing the majority of the population is concerned about is flavor. If it tastes good, they will eat it. Especially fly covered barbecue. They do not stop to think about all the flies that has landed on the food. They don’t care. All they are interested in is EATING. People who behave that way (gluttenous) deserve to be fat. And another thing, stop calling it obesity. Stop trying to sugar coat it. The term is FAT!!!

    Oink, oink.

  2. This is quite insigthful. As a understudy psychologists I never would have imagined personality trait to be any factor that contribute to weigth gain.The argument about a Neurotic personality turning to stress eating and not maintaining a excercise routine sounds valid too!!!…….Thanks!

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