Gay Rumors: Porsha Stewart Implies Husband Kordell Was Gay All Along


porsha n kordellBy: Krystle Crossman

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha Stewart is making headlines again regarding her marriage to former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kordell Stewart. Things seemed to be going well for the pair in season 5 of RHOA, however after the season ended they headed to the courtroom for a battle royale over property, assets, and money. The divorce was rumored to have been started by Kordell. A short time ago Porsha did an interview with Sister 2 Sister and gave women tips on how to have a successful marriage even though hers only lasted two years. Some feel that she did give solid advice however!

Now Porsha is coming to the forefront about her ex-husband and voicing her opinion on the “real” reason that their marriage didn’t work. It had been rumored that Kordell was secretly gay, and while they were married Porsha stood up for him and denied it. Now that they are divorced however, it appears that in the 6th season of RHOA she is implying that he is in fact gay. She found out about their divorce via a post on Twitter that Kordell made. When she asked him if he had in fact filed he walked out and told her that they would talk about it later. The homos*xuality rumors began to fly.

In a clip promoting the new season of RHOA Porsha states “Kordell didn’t necessarily want me physically” but she questioned what it was that he truly wanted. She may reveal more through the upcoming season but that is about all that she has said so far. Her other RHOA cast-mates thought that he was controlling and overbearing, but she stood by him no matter what because she was his wife. Now that that isn’t the case any longer, it will be interesting to see what stories come out!



  1. I lived in Pittsburgh during the time it was reported that Kordell was spotted frequenting a gay sex area in a local park. This “incident” was instrumental in him leaving the Steelers. It was highly publicized and the suspicion that Kordell was gay was widespread. Any woman who would date Kordell should have known the rumor, thus in time, during a courtship, Kordell’s sexual preference would be obvious. I say all that to say, Porscha had to know Kordell was gay even before they got married. Hey, you can’t call Kordell out now that things didn’t go your way.

  2. She wrong for that . Don’t play with people’s lives because the marriage went south. If a man says they had a relationship and has proof, then that’s another story but being disrespectful because of old rumors, she just wrong.

  3. If someone had told her before the wedding that hubby to be was interested in something other than her, would she have listened and called of he wedding? I think not.What advice can she give anyone she married the man who dumped her on twitter.

  4. Even if he was gay, she doesn’t need to blast him! She knew he was Gay before she got with him! Why do it now? That’s messy…rise above it! If he wants men, let him have them. Move on with ur life and make better decisions! Stop chasing money! It’s the root to ALL evil!

    • The actual quote is “The LOVE of money is the root of all KINDS of evil”. If you are going to take the time to make biblical statements, at least read the Bible first and quote accurately.

      I think this woman needs to close her mouth and move on with her life. The marriage is over, get over it.

      • Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. King James version (And not that Gideons)

  5. Preach Butch! Let the church say Amen! Would it had been any different if he had dumbed her for a women? Get over it! Pull urself up by the boot straps & keep it moving…a divorce is a divorce bcus its a divorce blah blah blah…no one ever wants to be invited to attend a pity party grow up be a real women of Atlanta take ur lick for the team & keep if moving life is to short to throw that man under the bus u didn’t say that he was gay two yrs ago when u were tryin to have his baby ur a big girl now no more Daddys lil girl…

  6. If she was truly on the social circuit as she proclaimed, then she knew he was gay! Just like most women know that their men are players before they marry them. You cannot change a man weather he plays with women or men, rise above the BS and move on with your life for it only makes you look cheap to discuss the fact that he may have been gay after the fact! You are making your life a soap opera!

  7. Okay, here is my thought on this and I say again “MY THOUGHT”! I am pretty sure she knew her husband was gay before she married him since she say she is in the social circle of it all then she had to have heard the rumors about him being gay, and yet she still married him. If you did not voice your opinion or thoughts about him being gay when you were married to him then why do it now that you are getting divorced? That just makes it looks like as long as you were reaping the benefits it was okay for you that he was gay…..but now that the benefits are coming to a end then you want to lash out at him any way that you can!!!

  8. I didn’t like him he was too involved in her every day life, too controlling, he actually was a btch ! Girl I hope you’ve been tested! I am NOT surprised!

  9. It wont be long before she is with a woman, what will she say then , he drove me to it.. This is what bitches do. If he is a Fag that’s on him.

  10. It wont be long before she is with a woman, what will she say then , he drove me to it.. This is what bitc*es do. If he is a F*g that’s on him.

  11. I don’t know whether he’s gay or not and all rumors aren’t necessary true but ppl rather believe the rumor over the truth cuz its drama in general but she did right she was his wife and during that time you supposed to stick by him now they’re not together he’s whole demeanor is like he never phucked with her like that so…ok let’s say the real reason while we’re not together since u wanna play bent

  12. Sometimes when women have been sheltered, they really don’t see the red flags, but hell has no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned.
    Hopefully, she will be able to pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

  13. Who really cares about “Real wives of I don’t give a Damn” anyway. If he was gay she would have known this at some point in their 5 years together, and if she knew that he was why stay with him?

    Personally, if he was controlling and in everything that she does, when would he have time to do gay stuff?

  14. Just another perspective… Even if she did know I’m sure they had a mutual agreement and with that being said him asking for a divorce the way he did was awful. And for you women to be on this sight condoning this cowards behavior is deplorable. That’s part of the reason these fools act the way they do because there is NO FEMALE COMRADARY. Women wake up and smell the roses, If we do not stick together we will always be treated like it is okay to do what this egotistical coward did. Enjoy your day ladies and remember the same thing could happen to you all and would you want people bashing you in this manner. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!!

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  16. If I, again I say, “I” married someone, I could say whatever I want to about them at anytime. If you don’t want to listen, then don’t. Since when don’t people (especially Black women) have something to say! Maybe she is over it. But maybe she had one more thing to say. So what! You’re reading about it and watching it on Tv. Those episodes are over and you still have something to say.

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