Geraldo Rivera Implies Older Women are Useless: “What a Woman Brings to Marriage…Is Her Youth”


geraldo riveraThe year is 2014 but it seems that in Geraldo Rivera’s mind things work the way they would 50 or 60 years ago. It’s one thing for a man to have $exist thoughts or to even voice his “old” way of thinking while he is in the company of his friends who probably think the way he does but going on national television and basically saying that women diminish with age is very bold.

According to news,

On Monday, Geraldo Rivera, no stranger to controversy, stirred things up again while appearing on the Fox News show “Outnumbered.”

 In a segment on what 20-somethings really want in a marriage, the talk turned to the concept of “beta marriages,” in which the union can be formalized or dissolved after a two-year trial period with no paperwork or hassle, allowing partners to see if they want to continue beyond a short-term commitment.

Rivera, after noting that his current marriage is almost 11 years strong, acknowledged that he has been divorced four times, essentially having had his share of beta marriages himself.

Mentioning his three daughters, he went on to explain that he is against the idea of beta marriages, arguing that while men bring money to a marriage, women bring their youth, and that a woman’s youth is precious.

“I know this may provoke a Stephen Smith-like reaction, but I think essentially — although there’s an increase in two-income marriages — generally speaking, the man is the breadwinner, more often than not, although now increasingly women do work. But what I think a woman brings to a marriage more than anything else, to a relationship, is her youth. Her youth is a fragile and diminishing resource. So if a woman were to invest two years in one of these marriages, and then to be rejected by the man, I think that she has given up a valuable asset that is unequal — in other words, the man gets everything and the woman gets nothing from this arrangement.”

One of the four female hosts that he was telling this to was particularly vocal with her response: “I’m like, ‘Whaaat?'”

On Twitter some users called it “extremely sexist and weird,” though others showed support. Rivera took to Twitter Tuesday morning, stating, “I stand by that statement” and “Age weighs unequally on the sexes. Time is money ladies, a precious asset.”

See the video below:

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    I am a “Proud Blackwomen”, whom today is grieved in spirit to admit, but “NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT” that (many) but *(not all) of my black sisters are involved in the “PRACTICE OF WITCHCRAFT” against many of my innocent black brothers and many of my innocent black sisters.

    Isaiah 8:10
    Take counsel together, and it shall come to naught; (SPEAK THE WORD), and it shall (not stand) for God is with us….

    Many African americans are “AFRAID” to even speak-up or say the word “WITCHCRAFT” because they believe it is some kind of [email protected] TABU, or they are use to walking in blindness cluelessness and the spirit of (FEAR)… but Redbone ain’t afraid to bring it to the table because (I) like so many others have been a “VICTIM” of many vicious attacks by my own sisters within our own black communities and inside our black 4-wall institutional churches within the United States America.

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    Tough Love aka: Unconditional Love / Redbone

      • A Witchcraft Warrior on

        I would like to say that witchcraft have a lot to do with Geraldo Rivera comment. Once a witch or a warlock start their craft on an individual; it transform the appearance of that individual. Not only that, it enters their DNA and all influences are passed down from one generation to another; biologically, socially, emotionally, physiologically, psychologically, spiritually, or by any other channel unknown to man, but known to YaHoVah God. So, now her appearance (Not wanted) is alter. Have you ever met a person and they look older, and you find out that they are younger than they look. That’s a symptom of generational curse. Geraldo, What happens to the maturity, wisdom, integrity, loyalty, and commitment.

  2. I watched and listened to Geraldo Rivera make that statement and to a large degree he’s correct. Generally speaking men (gay, straight and bisexual–look at Hugh Heffner a straight man and founder of Playboy, for example) typically largely have as their Alpha and Omega four things: 1. Looks: How you look from the neck up. 2. Body: How you look from the neck down. 3. Sex/sex appeal: Whether the sex is good and whether you are sexually alluring. (I called this the “erection test”. That is, it’s whether he thinks he will enjoy having sex with you.) And 4. Youth: Generally, the younger the better. And of course, there is the exception of number 5. Money. If you have enough money, then that can substitute for one, some or all of the other four. And the first 4 factors add up to sex. And the first 4 factors are generally a function of youth. That is, they tend to go down as age goes up. That’s just a fact.

    Let’s not be so “politically correct” that we deny the truth. It is recognized that many older men tend to have younger wives (particularly second and third wives) and girlfriends to the extent they can afford them. Women need to know that her “shelf life” as a desirable “pretty young thing” is ticking as is her “biological clock” for having children. Geraldo Rivera did not say that old or older women are “worthless” (have no worth). The import of what he said is that old or older women are generally “worth less” (have lesser worth) when it comes to the natural inclinations of men. What’s wrong with telling the truth?

    • @Dean….

      That’s right brother tell the truth, but don’t just tell a portion of the truth. Let Redbone just throw it out there for you since you might be scared to say it… Many older brothers choose younger women because their $exual juices give them “Youth Energy and Vitality”, so it is the same for an older women hooking up with a younger man… and believe it or not that’s where a lot of “Craft-Practice” comes into play…wink!

      Red bone / But if you are connect with your creator the acting process can be reversed according to your belief, what you eat, and less (SIN) in your temple as possible.
      When you allow your creator to clean out your temple it will always show in your physical appearance.

    • Excuse me Mr. Dean…
      In todays time African American women age very very gracefully and we don’t need botox shots and plastic surgery like white women do, even though some sisters do crepid @ss-backwards BS to their bodies when they are already the most beautiful species on the face of this earth.
      Beauty starts with inner-self and shines from the inside out, you just have to have eyes to see, and God keep some of us hidden away in plain sight for protection reason and a (DUE SEASON) for his purpose and plan for his kingdom. So don’t be so impolitically correct that you become blind to the real truth.

      Man ain’t running one [email protected] thing…

    • Dean you, and Geraldo are part of the glorified pimping of women for their bodies! You parasites like the Judges, Lawyers, supporting staffs and industry surrounding, and feeding off Family Law promote this in order to make excuses for community property law which gives evil parasite men the power to artificially assign the value a woman should receive rather than expecting her as an individual to earn and demand complete separate property in her name by her signature from the beginning of the relationship to the end! The reason Geraldo supports this conjuring of reality is because he is paid, and supported by the evil socialist liberals which Spanish Law created to feed the system of parasite third party exchangers who make a living off of redistributing good men’s fortunes, and trusts at a rate of 30% profit for them, and the women while the person who was 100% responsible for the success is stripped to 30% of his equity and left with alimony, and child support to continue to feed these parasites of government and ancient family ties to the Royal family of Demons on this planet!

      • Kevin, don’t blame the messenger. In this posting as should be readily seen, my comments were essentially that of a “reporter” to report on the “natural inclinations of men”. I did not ratify such inclinations. I didn’t comdemn such inclinations. I mearly reported what the inclinations are. I suggest that men and women should be aware of such “natural inclinations of men” for their walks through life.

        Kevin, are you upset that I broke the “man code” by speaking frankly about the nature of men? As you can see, the women don’t seem to want to listen to the truth anyway. They appear to want to live on “Fantasy Island” instead.

  3. Okay I godda say this..Geraldo needs to sit his brittle azz down in a wheel chair and let his wife slash can pass for his granddaughter shut the hell up and push his old azz around…aging women are timeless….graceful…it is a part of life…Geraldo looks like a zip damn fool and most likely cant even perform in the bedroom..that is why he needs a young make him feel better about himself hoping that he looks good but he looks completely stupid!…sad…very sad…

    • Thanks Kimberely! You are exactly right. Most older men that opt for young women do so because they are insecure about getting old, therefore they need young women to make them feel better about themselves. Having younger women gives them a sense of youth. So trying to degrade an older women is straight out ignorance….just because these older men are scared of growing old. The older the better, and real men appreciate the goodness of a woman throughout all of her years, not just when she’s a youngster. A lot of older men appreciate more experienced women on their own level, instead of having a young girl they can manipulate and pretend to be young’s all about preference. Gerardo’s comment was invalid anyway because women bring much more to the table than youth, and just the mere fact that he feels like that proves that he’s uncomfortable with being old, and he’s looking for a young girl to try to hold on to her youth because his is gone….lol

        • I’ve read the comments from “you ladies” and you just don’t get it. If you read my first comment here, I indicated that Geraldo was telling the truth about “the natural inclinations of men”. The comments by “you ladies” is like telling a child to eat his spinach because it’s good for him or listing logically for a suitor why he should prefer “you” and not another woman that he has fallen for. Neither works–generally.

          Men put a high premium on $ex. So men put a high premium on 1. Looks: How you look from the neck up. 2. Body: How you look from the neck down. 3. $ex/$ex appeal: Whether the $ex is good and whether you are sexually alluring. (I called this the “erection test”. That is, it’s whether he thinks he will enjoy having $ex with you.) And 4. Youth: Generally, the younger the better. And of course, there is the exception of number 5. Money. If you have enough money, then that can substitute for one, some or all of the other four. And the first 4 factors add up to $ex. And the first 4 factors are generally a function of youth. And generally all 4 factors decline with age. And no arguments “about spinach” or what is “good for him” will change that.

          • I hear you loud and clear Dean…

            What you have stated is just one of the main reason black-love is “TOW TO THE CURB”…
            Next I actually don’t feel like this article should be addressed to blackwomen period.

  4. redbone,
    In the name of Jesus God bless you.
    I have a experience with witchcraft as a victim. Jesus the beginning and end and I have my faith in the lord. The Holy spirit leads and guides me. Was just wondering what inspires you to inform people this way.And Are you singling out black people to be the only people doing this act in the jezebel spirit? You just seem so informed and I know knowledge is power.

    • @Questions…

      God told me to write the piece. The reason I can talk about it, is because I have walked through so many attacks, and also my whole family. I was called to intercession under a devine order almost 20 yrs ago. The hispanic woman who went after my husband is when all the attacks and my life altering experience started. The attacks were also on my children. God engineer my walk towards a “Hispanic Ministery”, where I was called to become an “Ordained Intercessory Prayer Warrior”, something very very unexpected during that period of time. *(I was walking through my divorce and I had to learn how to fight, and my eyes had to become open spiritually to the unseen world so that I could understand how serious my battle was, a race against time because these people were trying to take my babies just to keep my husband.
      I was so tired and so scared, I was an unlearned passive religious timid God fearing blackwoman. Today I am someone else, reared taught and trained by the “GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY”, and not afraid of no fkn demonic “DEMONS, WITCHES, WARLOCKS, WICKER, ETC”…

      God told me I am to fear “NOBODY” but him… and for all you clueless non-believers, eat your own hearts out, you cannot take away from me what my creator has endowed me with… Redbone suffered for every “GOLD MEDAL /CROWN” I wear on a daily basis. God put me into this position to expose all you witchcraft evil azz heffas and that’s what I’m going to do until God tell me to stop.

      To all you evil-azz bytches out there, God has made me strong and fortified to your attacks, and don’t think for one fkn moment Redbone don’t know who many of you are. When you (TRY TO ATTACK ME), you don’t fkn scare me, nor do your intimidate… you bytches only “INSPIRE ME / CHALLENGE ME”, how blind of you all to even think and believe “MY GOD” did not prepare me for such a time as this… azz-holes I graduated from the “TOP NOTCH SCHOOL” in this Universe, my teacher is (GOD HIMSELF).
      Let me put you evil low-down dirty bytches on notice: I will call some of you “EVIL DEMENTED BYTCHES” out by your first names in these open forum rooms, and I will give all names and “LOCATIONS”… you think I won’t!!! Try me, just keep fkn with the “REDBONE”.
      Let me give my first warning: Las Vegas Nevada… now fk with me again……… My first experience was in Riverside, Ca / Starting from La Puente, Ca.
      And know this God hasn’t even begun yet.

      Thanks and so much love to all my supporters, especially for all your encouragement to keep bringing the truth.

      PS: Some people think they can hide behind stage names in this forum, but the God I serve ain’t no joke… I can see you, and God sees you also…wink!!! (NOTHING IS HIDDEN FROM THOSE WHO WALK IN THE SPIRIT AND NOT AFTER THE FLESH).

    • @QUESTION…
      The whiteman has been using witchcraft on the blackman for centuries. They win because the blackman refuse to be informed, and the Blackman has walked away from his “CREATOR / GOD”.

      Self-hatred wicked-ness evil-ness are all demonic spirits… so what you put out in the “ATMOSPHERE” is what comes back, mainly because there is power in the (TONGUE) that sets of the course of nature once the words are spoke rather its positive or negative.

      Why do you think “JIM CROW” is winning right now?

      I bet every blackman on the face of this earth “JIM CROW” is and was a practicing warlock. You educated folk talk a lot of politics to be so darn clueless… Read the book (BEHOLD A PALE HORSE), who the hell do you think you [email protected] Gov is…

      Wake The H*ll Up…

  5. Geraldo, is this the way your dad felt about your mama? You have no idea what marriage is about considering you have been married 3-4 times which says a lot about you! You are forever discussing topics that you know absolutely nothing about!

  6. WOW! Io am 55 years old and people are always shocked when I tell my age. I work a good 10 – 12 hours a day exercise and keep a hectic schedule. a lot of the young ladies I know are always complaining about being tired, grumpy if they cant sleep 10 hours and the list goes on. Every season of life has it’s perks. I would not trade the wisdom, grace and peace I have to be 20 something. I think the statement from Geraldo speaks to his own insecurity and refusal to embrace growing. I feel sorry for him because he does not know what he is missing by growing with someone and growing up as a person.

  7. Women diminish with age in what in looks? And men don’t? Geraldo needs to get a grip as do the rest if the men! Anytime a woman wants to be with you only because of money then that is a sad thing. It doesn’t matter how old a woman gets, if a real man knows what he wants he will always go for a real woman. Beauty is skin deep. If a woman carries herself like and acts like a lady, she can always get a decent man. What he said can work both ways.

  8. How stupid of old ass Geraldo making that statement. He looks horrible for his age and what young woman would want his ass for anything but the money..

  9. Redbone thank you for your positively true revelation knowledge re the witchcraft and workers of iniquity. Your message is a confirmation to me what I have been telling individuals for years. Also take it one step further, its not only women and men throwing witchcraft at each other, but those in high places are even more wicked. I am not telling ya’ll what I heard. I am telling ya’ll
    what I am witness to. Since I know that man is not running anything I keep my eyes on the Universal Process and the Word of the Universal Sovereign Ruler. I know that there are those who work this witchcraft, but I also know that there is a Uiversal Process that even the witchcraft worker can not escape. It is for this very reason, that we who say we are a part of this awesome Universal Kingdom, that we need to pray down the powers of God Almighty’s Kingdom on this Earth so that it can be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven. Darkness was tossed out of Heaven. We are wrestling with the powers of darkness. When we join darkness in any way whatsoever we can not do the effectual work of God Almighty’s Kingdom. Whatever we do let us guard our minds and keep ourselves prepared to do the effectual works for our Kingdom of God Almighty.
    There is a lot more I could tell you, but I don’t believe you will be able to bear it at this time.
    Stay true to yourself. Don’t listen to the voice of darkness(remember Eve). Go forth “subdue” and “multiply”. Never stop believing. Pray for your sisters and brothers all over the world, particularly those who are “in the tomb cutting themselves day and night”. “Awake, awake; put on your strength; put on your beautiful garments (spiritual). Let us thrive in Love, Life, Truth, Peace, Faith, Hope, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Grace and Power.

    • @Israeline Yah…
      Many many many blessing to you. Thank you for your encouragement. I logged into this article in another form, I saw your copy and paste, thank you so much. There are so many innocent african americans under attack right now by the wickedness of many, I’m speaking of the attacks coming from with-in our black communities.
      When I was coming up as a little girl, my parents always taught me “A MAN’S HOME IS HIS CASTLE”… so home should be a (SAFE HAVEN / A PLACE OF REST RELAXATION AND REJUVINATION), meaning africa america should be at home in our “CASTLE / COMMUNITY”, but we are not because the enemy is in the camp. We step out of our communities and we are nolonger safe, so now (WE HAVE NO HOME), nowhere safe to lay our heads.
      We are destroying ourselves while the racist whiteman is destroying us too. Witchcraft comes in all forms of disobedience against God. I wish I could pass some very very important information along through this forum room, but I don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands, but I will ask God to open (doorways) for the information to fall into the right hands so deliverance and understanding can come to his people and we can learn how to fight back properly through the spirit of love and “SPIRITUAL VIOLENCE”… (THE KINGDOM OF GOD SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND THE VIOLENCE TAKETH IT BY FORCE). PEACE UNTO YOU ISRAELINE YAH

  10. I have not paid any attention to this idiot since the night he had America Watching.. telling them there was Al Capone money hidden in a wall…. Only to find out it was empty bottles!!!! he looked like the BIG FOOL!!! & women love yourself’ treat yourself well & regardless of age what is for you will come.

  11. Who cares what Geraldo or any of the racist on FOX think? Geraldo is trying to stay relevant however he is like the people he is talking about. He should walk slow and drink plenty of ice water.

  12. He better thank God he has money because that’s all he has going for him. That’s the only reason women are with him, his current wife needs to pay attention, he may be looking for a younger replacement.

  13. Geraldo right tho. Some men want families and young females can have babies. If a man tryna start a family hes not gonna want a 40 plus woman. Now older men that want women their age lets say theyre divorced and have kids and the older woman does too then they can get together and marry.

    • @Devon….
      You are so right!! But baby even that comes with “Pros & Cons”, I am a witness by one of my male family members… Got a very young wife and 3 new babies he’s crazy about. I can’t say anymore except age does catch up with men to. Now I will say this: he use to be married to this evila$$ belizian woman/ aka:witch-bytch he had to escape from cause she was crafting him, dirty stank demon took his kids, so he started over again because he was raised to be a family man…

  14. LOL older ppl so thin skinned! Gettin older dont mean looks fade theres beautiful older and old wmn and fine azz old and older men sheit IF I wasnt married and If I was into white men Id be checkin for Richard Gere now that is one FIONE AZZ OLE WHITE MAN HE COULD GET IT ANYTIME ANY PLACE!! LOL! AND JOHN FORSYTH WHEN HE WAS ON DYNASTY.

    • Lmbo!!! Devon you need to stop because Richard Here is one white OMG!!! I can’t get enough of his fine silver head-a$$, I use to be in love with Robert Redford and Elvis Presley too until I found out Elvis was racist… Now I’m in love with Samuel L. Jackson… Redbone has always had a fettish for oldermen… their more schooled with finese to me and lots of and lots of fun until God shut my donkey down….lmbo!!!
      I’m a virgin all over again, and I think its rather nice…!

  15. Now if Samuel L Jackson wanted some cooch!e from the Red bone… I don’t give a [email protected] if he was a no-good dog he could have all of this…Lmbo!
    Some black women just have a fetish for certain type of blackmen. I’m still human and my a$$ can dream, why go to the [email protected] party just to stand up against the wall…Lmbo!! People can talk all that old mumbo jumbo shut if they want to… but to each his own.


    Is this a coincidence or is “(Evelyn Lozada the BLACK WIDOW)” among wealthy athletes? John Harris at The BOSS Sports Network has an article on the topic, speaking about Antoine Walker’s claim that Evelyn is hardly the loyal fiancee. According to Walker, when he filed for bankruptcy, Evelyn didn’t stand with him as a good wife would. Instead, she ran for the hills to find green pastures (and bank accounts). Read more of what John has to say:

    In an interview with the “Russ Parr Morning Show” he claims Lozada was happy with him and living well when he had money. “My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction. So that’s the problem that I have with Evelyn. That’s more personal…

    SAD SAD SAD SAD…. Understand!!! This is not the behavior of all blackwomen.

    Yes I do know that I have confronted many concerning my “POST”, but the behavior with our people is out of control… and this article does fit the shoe.

    Redbone / You will figure it out…

  17. Witch and Proud on

    What does this have to do with Geraldo Rivera??? Sounds like Redbone has a problem with his mother. Poor Thing he sounds Ignorant and uneducated. I hope Redbone reconciles with his Filthy Witchcraft practicing Mother before its to late. RedBone I know a good Therapist if you need one. I wonder if RedBone is really a Black woman or someone venting from the White Community. YOU FAKE REDBONE. Sounds like someone took your man because you weren’t good enough.

    • Sounds like somebody have some real selfesteem issues. Red bone is speaking the truth, especially about sisters practicing the craft in this western region. Its also in the black churches in this region. One church I know for sure they hang out (Mountain Top Faith Ministries)… also makes me wonder about the first lady, where is the deliverance for these evil sick black women sitting right up in the church.

    • You actually sound and feel like an individual I’ve had to put my foot on your neck out of love, and I don’t mind doing it again (Out of Love).
      You might be one of those members of “Mountain Top Faith Ministry”, from my understanding its loaded with people like you. Don’t they have some type of womens ministry so you can get the help you need…

  18. Witch and Proud on

    A White Haired, So called rich priviledged Old looking White Man like Geraldo Rivera should be the last to talk. Besides this story does not apply to Black Women since She does not age as quickly as other women from other races. White old men with money thats all there is to the attraction. I wonder is Geraldo Rivera good in bed???

    • @Dean


      The self-hatred and evilness amongst our own people is destroying us all because the “SPIRIT OF UNITY” that our creator requires us to have amongst our nation of people is not previlant, so we cannot be blessed as a whole.

      This article means absolutely nothing when it comes to the state and plight of our people, because some of us have too many “HIDDEN EVIL AGENDAS” that have been flying under the (radar) for far too long not being address out of the spirit of FEAR, its not fair to those of us who try to live our lives peacably and soar after a postive quality of life.

  19. These comments are as stupid as the article. Geraldo continues to marry younger women, he has a number of divorces. Apparently, youth isn’t enough to sustain a marriage.

  20. Geraldo, go sit in a corner and be really quiet for the next 55 years! Better yet, take a flying leap over the Grand Canyon without a parachute!

  21. Geraldo is and has always been an idiot. The people who need to worry about what comes out of his mouth is his current wife. Everyone else can get on with their lives

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